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FAQ's Inflatables


Mystery Bounce

What is the deal with a mystery bounce?  We have a lot of bounce units.  If you are having an event and you want a bounce but you do not have a preference of style this option will allow you to save a little for your flexibility.  Our procedure with bounces is to send out our plain ones first, then we send out the generic ones ( like hot air balloons) then we get into the theme ones and boy and girl ones. So  IF the last bounce we have in the warehouse is power girl and it's a boys party it is possible for you to get that.  However, you have to go through a lot of other levels before we get there. The likelihood is slim we won't be able to match up the bounce with the event.

Do people ever get an upgraded unit? - Yes it happens all the time with mystery bounces on busier weekend.

What constitutes a late night pick up?

If you want a late night pick up after sunset or our daily service hours there is a fee for us to leave a driver (or two for larger units) on the clock for your event. 

Here are our hourly guidelines:

Scheduled pick up for no later than:

9:00 through June  //  July 1st - 20th 8:30  //  July 21st - August 10th -  8:00  //  August 11th - 31st 7:30  //  September 1st - 21st 7:00  //  September 22nd - October 5th, 2008 6:30  //  October 6th - October 31st -  6:00  //  November 2008 - 4:30/5:00...

Rates will vary based on the size of the equipment.  However a late night pick up for one man is $50.00 in addition to the maximum rental rate that will bring you into the hours of 8pm - 12am.  If  you need pick up prior to 12 am choose this option.  If you do not need pick up prior to 12 am and your inflatable is in a secure location then we recommend choosing the overnight fee which commences when a rental is scheduled until at least 8 pm.  The fee is generally $50.00 - $100.00 for standard rentals.  The overnight fee is weather contingent and if bad weather is imminent prior to the next day then we will speak to you regarding contingencies.

Damage Waiver

10% of the rental on private parties and TBD on larger/corporate events and festivals.  Covers accidental & weather related damage.  Does not cover purposeful or intended damage or damage caused by apathy.

Choose this option - we will add to final order for you.  A ten - fifteen percent fee (of the rental costs) will cover a Damage waiver .  Prevents any fees you would be responsible for from damage accidentally incurred.  Must  be applied at time of order OR upon delivery.  NOT applicable if  delivery is completed or after the fact.  Very simply put it is like insurance if something were to get damaged, stolen or broken while in your possession. 

Rain Waiver

Valid only on private parties - for Corporate events contact your sales rep for details of how this would apply.
Choose this option - we will add it to your final order for you.  A ten percent fee (of the rental costs only) will cover a Rain waiver .  Allows a refund of deposit if it rains and we or you cancel bounce.  Must  be applied at time of order OR fourteen days in advance. Refund is NOT applicable if unit is delivered see details for more information.  A rain waiver will allow one additional scheduling without a re-scheduling fee.  Very simply put it is like insurance if it rains and you wouldn't do anything else that same day.  If you would switch to another item we would re-apply the bounce deposit to that item.  Great for block parties with no rain date.