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Here are a few of our featured clowns

For more information on each of our featured performers please call for availability, description and show pricing.



We offer a variety of levels of experience in our clown performers.

These Clowns want to make your children laugh.  They bring her unique talents such as storytelling, Juggling, Tattoos, Magic, Balloon Animals, and Face Painting to their work.  What could be more fun than having a clown or one of their Fun Friends at your event?  Only having all of them arrive.. Watch the fun begin!

Gold level - Professionals that have been in the business for years and have been circus or privately trained.  Impeccably costumed these skilled entertainers bring to the table more than just face painting and balloons for children's events.  They do variety entertainment, juggling, unicycling, comedy and magic. Average rate $250 per hour +/- depending on what they are doing.

Silver Level - Also very skilled professional level clowns with excellent costumes.  Less experience and perhaps less training.  They will bring magic, balloon animals and face painting to your event but may not be able to do some of the other spontaneous entertaining a gold level would bring. Average rate $195 +/- per hour.

Bronze level - This level of clowns will perform all of the same things as the Silver level clowns do but they do not have the formal training.  We have costumes and in house training for all of our performers.  This level has taken the next step to learn how to apply makeup and they have learned a few magic tricks, face painting and balloons.  For a children's party it is a perfect solution.  Average hourly rate $175.00.

Please contact us for photos, availability and pricing for your event.

FAQ's Clowns

A lot of parents who ask for a clown at their party & many people call who would like a clown at their company picnic.  Many times we get asked a lot of the same questions so here are a few answers:

Do you have clowns?

Yes - The clowns that we use are professional clowns and have a great many years of performing experience.  We utilize a wide variety of talents and all of them have a keen sense of performing and abilities that hey bring to their shows.  Some of the descriptions of the different levels of clowns are above.

What do they do?

The clowns we use are truly performers and they do a variety of different style shows.  We have clowns who do magic, juggling, stilt walking, unicycling... all just to name a fe of the talents they have.

Do they do Face Painting & Balloons?

Yes - we have clowns that do those activities as well.  However we will usually recommend to you that if you are simply looking for a clown to stand there for 3 hours to make balloon animals you can do that far cheaper by hiring one of our party hosts, jesters, or a jr clown ( kinda like a clown in training).

What if some of the kids are scared?

Most often if a child is scared they have either never seen a clown before or perhaps they had a bad experience with a parade clown throwing a piece of candy at them while wizzing by.  Either way it is possible for children to be scared of a clown.  Usually with professionals this is not a problem and they know how to relate to the children and can conquer their fears.  However, if you need an alternative we do have other options.  Sometimes the colors of a clown's bright costume will also set a child to crying.  Many times it is just the initial shock and once they know - hey fun is being had here they will get over their fears and start participating.

What age is appropriate for a clown?

Many people will have a clown when the ages are 1 - 100 at the party .  This is a good way to please everyone.  However the best age to enjoy a clown for a birthday style event seems to be 3/4 up to about 6/7.

Do they come dressed like a clown?

For some reason sometime people think a clown will get ready at their house.  That isn't the case - they come ready to go.  This one always puzzles us but... we answer it anyway. :  )

My kids don't like clowns but I need something to do?

We think with a little exploring you will find a variety of options open to you for entertainment.  It isn't just clowns at birthday parties anymore it's a wide variety of Characters and Variety Entertainers.

Wait it sounds like you are suggesting not to do a clown?

Not at all.  We simply are suggesting that you consider what the best use of a your performers talents are.  Definately have them come if they are truly there to be a performer and entertain the people at your event.  However, hiring a clown just to make 100's of balloon animals is generally utilizing the least of what they can offer.  A great deal of time and effort is put into their appearance and costuming and to us it seems like such a waste to have them stand in a corner and pump out balloons.  What we have learned is so many times people think clown first  and mostly as a catch all... oh get a clown for that.  In truth you have a lot of options and we just wanted to make sure you knew.  So, let our clowns live up to their reputation as entertainers and let's have some FUN! if on the other hand your just looking for a balloonist of face painter you can also look at our other entertainment pages.  Party hosts for face painting and balloons.