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Some of the magicians we work with

We have magicians in all price ranges and levels.  If you see someone here please feel free to request them and we will contact them first.

As a general rule magic must be done indoors.  If youa re trying to go outside please let us know in advance so we can make sure your performaer will be prepared.


Tim Adams -

This Jam Packed magic show has audience participation Galore!!  Not to mention a very special guest.  Tim has a very successful following and performs at many of the local events in DuPage County.  Very high energy and the kids just love him.  He is truly a master magician and his show is fresh and inviting.  One of our best performers.  He can also been seen doing table magic at local restaurants and venues--feel free to call for more information.

Children's show--1/2 hour show with live rabbit - Only to be perfromed indoors
Adult show--30--40 minute presentation with mentalism               
Strolling Magic

Les Wittikind -

This solid birthday party  magic show has audience participation and surprises for all ages. Les  has a very kid friendly approach to magic and his fans adore him. A seasoned magician  his show is always just what the client wants.  He is a truly magical.  Watch his show and see.

Children's show--1/2 hour show with live rabbit
Strolling Magic

Magic shows and strolling will be prices between $195.00 and $275.00 depending on location, performer and availability.  Please call for specific pricing.  An average event is $225.00.

Mike Andreshak -

This magical gentleman is a sorcerer of note.  In his show you can count on more than one mystical surprise.  He has several theme shows including his spectacular "Magic and Monsters" show for Halloween which includes many special effects.  Mike's shows are all audience participation and he does bring live animals when the venue is appropriate.  On his larger shows he includes illusions as well as stage magic and he brings along extra staging to create an even bigger impact.

Children's show--1/2 hour show with up to 1/2 hour of balloons     
     add up to three stage illusions                                             
Adult show--30--40 minute presentation                                       
Strolling Magic & Balloons--close up magic

Mike Kett -

This magic show has something unique at the end!  If you child likes magic and always asks--How did he do it?  Answer his question by hiring Mike for your next party.  Not only does Mike perform for a twenty minute show but at the end he will teach all your aspiring young wizards how to do a number of magic tricks.  In addition he provides your attendants with a book of over 100 tricks they can practice and learn to do at home.  This show is best for children six and above.  In addition Mike will give lessons and teach classes.  To his credits Mike has published a magic book and he teaches at many of the local park districts.

Children's show--20 minute show with 1/2 hour of  teaching           
     add Magic Kits per child                                                     
Children's Show Package                                                             
    20 minute show/20 minutes of teaching 4 age appropriate tricks.  Up to 15 deluxe goodie bags (instructions, props and a book of 102 magic tricks) & Special magic birthday present for birthday child as above.                                                         
Strolling Magic --  close up magic