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Looking for a theme for your carnival.  We have a few already sorted out for you just look under our Theme Carnival Packages for more information.

Why work hard on your carnival when you don't have to.  Utilize our knowledge to make your carnival the most successful ever.

Check out our Carnival Fundraising Packages for school fun fairs and other events

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Potty Toss

Carnival Game All Sport Toss

Carnival Game Basketball Hoop Shot

Hoop Shot - Basketball themed game where players throw small nerf ball at the mini basketball net to score a "hoopshot"

Carnival Game Bean Bag Toss

Bean Bag toss - toss bean bags through holes to win

Carnival Game Bowling

Bowline game with 5 pins bowl down lane to see how many get knocked over

Carnival Game Bozo Buckets

Bozo Buckets - our 6 foot boucket borad is great fun with players trying to reach the grand prize bucket by pitching the ping pong balls into each bucket sequentially until they miss or win

Carnival Game Bulls Eye

Use suction cup crossbow to shoot darts at bulls eye. Win is determined by landing on the center of the target or getting "points' from the other circles

Carnival Game Bumper car

Car bounces back and forth on game board and lands on designated number there is a winner every time at this game

Carnival Game Cover the spot

Cover the spot - drop five metallic discs to cover large red spot on game board challenging game

Carnival Game Crazy Hat

Carnival Game Dice Game

Dice Game - roll 5 dice on game board to get 2, 3, 4 or 5 of a kind. Win corresponds to how many of a kind are rolled

Carnival Game Duck Pond

Duck Pond - pluck a duck and check his number to see if you are a winner

Carnival Game Finish Line

Finish Line race Game - Car or other vehical themed game. Players stand at end of game board and roll their dice to advance their game piece. First one to finish line wins

Carnival Game Frog Hop

Frog Hop - launch one of three frogs into the "pond" at the end of the game board and win

Carnival Game hi-stryker

Indoor version of the popular Hi-Starker Game. Fine for children and adults

Carnival Game Hole in one golf

Hole In One Golf - knock golf ball into the hole at the end of the game board without taking more than one shot

Carnival Game Knock a Block

Knock a Block - this game is played with 6 oversized dice stacked on a small platform the goal is to knock al six dice down with one swing of the suspended ball.

Carnival Game Krazy Ball

Crazy Ball - Players place markers on lay down board to mark their color then attendant or player pitches ball into game to see where it lands if it land on their color they win

Limbo Stick

Limbo Stick Game package w music CD - no CD player included

Carnival Game Milk Bottle Knock down

Milk Bottle Knock down - stand up game where milk bottles are stacked onto platform the goal is to knock all six down with one throw

Carnival Game Penny Pitch

Penny Pitch - Game board with targets for pitching pennies or game pieces onto. Game is won when a person lands on the winning circle

Carnival Game Pitch Out

Pitch Out - Baseball themed game where you pitch 3 balls to land in the pitchers mitt

Carnival Game Plinko

Plink- Drop balls into the game to win by landing three in a row or by landing in same colors

Carnival Game Pool Shot

Pool shot - player gets a ball and stick for a chance to land one in the corner pocket

Carnival Game Prize is Right

Winner every time. Player selects the door and wins the prize behind that door or ticket allotment. ..

Carnival Game Rainbow Roll

Rainbow Roll - Roll 3 balls down in an attempt to land in the same color slot. Each slot represents an end color of the rainbow

Carnival Game Red White & Blue Roll

Like tic tac toe but with three colors or 34 balls.... roll 4 balls to get 3 in a row OR three of each color OR four in a row OR just play like tic tac toe

Carnival Game Ring Toss

Ring Toss - Toss selected number of rings at game board to land over peg. Each ring over peg is a winner

Carnival Game Roller Bowler

Bowling ball game where contestant rolls ball over hill in center of game and tries to do it precisely so it will not roll back.

Carnival Game Ski Ball

Ski Ball - game board with holes/scoops for points land in 10,20,30, 40 or 50 point levels and score

Carnival Game Star Darts

Star Darts - use suction cup dart gun to shoot 3 darts at game board. Play to land in gold star or grand prize star for bonus

Carnival Game String Game

String Game..This game is fun for all and easy to play. Pull two strings to gain matching numbers or colors.

Carnival Game Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe - throw three in a row to win

Carnival Game Tiger Tipover

Tiger tip over - throw three bean bags at our six friendly tigers to knock them over winner determined by how many knocked down

Carnival Game Tin Can Knock Down

Tin Can knock down - stand up game where 6 cans are stacked onto platform the goal is to knock all six down with one throw

Kiddie Tug o War

Tug of War Rope - smaller for kid size hands

Carnival Game Win Lose or Draw

Win lose or Draw - 3 balls rolled to end of game board goal is to get 2 balls in same colors by landing on red, black or wild spot

Carnival Game Zap It

Zap It - take metal loop and try to thread it over game piece without touching metal to metal and setting off the buzzer.


Horseshoes - metal horshoes and posts