Party Host - Face Paint and Balloons

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This is one of our most popular items for parties where people would like one or more of our activities but they just don't know which one the kids will like or there is a variety of ages attending or they just want to have all sorts of fun options.  This Basic party host is a person who does parties normally with our characters and has the experience with weekend parties and a lot of kid friendly events.  They will bring with them traditional style face painting, balloon animals and light temporary tattoo mix.  In addition they can do games with the group if you request or time allows.  They will come in, assess the group and work within the activities listed for 1 hour.  In that time they will get done as many of the activities we have brought.  However, if you ave a primary request do let us know so we can make sure to include that in the order.  Most often you should budget 1 minute per attendee per activity.  Fifteen children will likely get all three activities and maybe one game.  Thirty Five children probably balloons and tattoos.  We can easily recommend the length of time you need based on your group size and the specific activities you want.  If its a birthday normally 1 - 1.5 hours works well.  We come attired in our tradition tie dye shirt but you can request a red and white striped carnival vest.