Party Host for Balloonist

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Hourly fee for traditional balloon animal twisting.  We will twist the traditional variety of animal balloons -Puppy, Bunny, Kitty, Heart, Hat, Flower, Lady bug, Turtle, Airplane, Fishing Pole, Teddy Bear, Dinosaur, Giraffe, Hat, Sword... etc.  You can add time up to 2 hours here but call us if you need many hours of twisting.  We can provide you with a multiple hour quote.

**If you are looking for a super twister contact us directly as they are available.  We feature several specialty twisters with great skills to make cartoon characters and all sorts of HUGE balloon creations.  However, for large crowds and parties we have not normally found this is the most time effective option.  Certainly fun but some twists can take up to 10  minutes or more per creation.  Super twisters are considered by us as a variety entertainer as they are far more for entertainment value and their wonderful creations are works of art.