Sumo Suits

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Combine with sticky suits for a higher turn over and even more fun!

This is for pick up suits only!  Large vehical required

Sumo Suits with matt great for interactive play.   Bump Bellies with your friends and see who can stay inside the circle longest.  There is no loser with these fun and absolutely rotund party suits.

Goes great for any company picnic or special event. People love the challenge of competing—in the fat. A nice change of pace and suitable for adults and teens. Great for team building events. Great times to be had by all watching the two people compete to push each other out of the Sumo Circle without falling down. A great way to get to know which side your friends are on. Challenging, competitive & fun.  Combine with sticky suits and creat a great combo and higher turn over between competitions.

Size: 10 x 10 matt w/ suits
Notes: Great for High School events
Year put into Service: 2006
Item Style:


Restrictions: Must fit in suit not for young participants. MUST wear headgear at all times
Power Requirements: 110 outlet for inflator
Capacity: 2 at a time
Special note:

You will need a large pick up or SUV to pick up matts with.