real life characters

Real life characters are people in costumes that can walk and talk and interact with your guests.

Choose your character below and then go to Build your Party to specify your party preferences and complete your reservation

Character Princess

Character Batman

Character Beauty

Character Glitz and Glam Girls

Character Caribbean Pirate

Character Cinderella

Character Cowardly Lion

Character Cowgirl

Character Daphne

Character Star Villian

Character Dorothy

Character Esmerelda

Character Glenda

Character Jar Jar Binks

Character Jasmine

Character Jedi Knight

Character Jester

Character Mermaid

Character Muchkin

Character Munchkin Girl

Character Oompa Loompa

Character Peter

Character Traditional Pirate

Character Pocahontas

Character Prince

Character Prince Aladdin

Character Prince Charming

Character Princess Star Wars

Character Ranger Hero Red

Character Robin

Character Shaggy

Character Sleeping Beauty

Character Snow White

Character Spiderman

Character Super Girl

Character Superman

Character Tin Man

Character Fairy

Character Velma

Character Willie Wonka

Character Wonder Woman