party saver rentals and entertainment

Variety Entertainment

Here we have listed for you our most popular requests.  Many of these items are performed by one or a few selected talents.  If we have multiple performers to choose from we always like to pair you with the best person for your request.  Please use the "describe your needs" boxes in order to be more specific as to what you are looking for.  For Example: a trade show magician is different than a birthday party magician and the pricing will reflect that. If you have a moment and would like to give us the most possible information you can also visit our reservation details page Here.  In addition to what we have listed below there are a number of Specialty Parties that we do.  Plus we keep a catalog of many different and unique artist.  So if you are really in need of a bear or a high wire act call us.  There's a good chance we know where to get it!



We offer a variety of professional clowns to fit your bill.  We have clowns for birthday parties, stage shows & strolling.  Find a few photos here but call us to define your event needs and we will place you with the best clown for the job.  Our clowns can do shows which include juggling, magic, unicycling and more - but if you are just looking for someone to do balloons and face painting we also suggest you check out the rates for a party host.

Average rate for shows $195.00 - $250.00 per hour

more information on clowns


We employ several prestidigitators to fill every magical wish.  There are several different styles of shows and magical wonders to choose from.  Please call us for more information on our different shows and magicians.  We have everything from birthday magicians to illusionists.  If you don't know what to choose we can pick a magician... any magician.....  See a few of our featured performers here.

Average rate for shows $225.00 - $700.00

more information on magicians


Caricature artists 5 - 15 portraits and hour depending on artist and client needs. We offer artist who work in color and black and white.  We even have airbrush Caricature artists.  Have your event name put onto the paper.  Average cost is $40.00 for printed sheets.  Artists are great for Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, corporate events and even for birthdays.

more information on caricaturists

Petting Zoo

Great animals and friendly staff.  All ready for you to ZOO.  My little petting zoo brings live animals to your event and sets them up for the children to enjoy.  Feed is available for purchase and pony rides can be added in conjunction. Rates vary based on length of event and distance.

Average rate $350.00 - $700.00

Pony Rides

2 ponies or 4 can come to your event and be hand led or ridden on a pony carousel.  Your choice and rate vary based on length of event and distance.  A handler will come with the ponies and be mindful of your guests and the animals needs.  

Average hourly rate $250.00 - $500.00

Exotic Animal & Reptile Shows

Have exotic animals right in your own backyard!  Choose from Emu's to Lemurs and even more spectacular furry fun.  We have a variety of shows to choose from and they range in price depending on the number of animals and length of the visit.  Exotic and exciting go hand in hand ... just like the little monkeys do!  Invite a few furry guests today!  Fur not your style - slither into something reptilian.  We also have performers of the snake like kind.  Watch out though - your next party could take a bite of getting used to if you invite a Cayman for Cake! 

Average hourly rate $375.00 - $500.00


Story tellers are great for children's parties and events.  A storyteller can transport the audience to another place or time with just their words.  Some storytellers will employ the use of props or puppets in their shows and other are costumed to meet with certain themes.  Call for a more inclusive description of the different talents we offer.

Average hourly rate $350.00 - $500.00

more information on storyteller

Puppet Shows

They rock, they roll, they really put on a show.  These puppet friends of our are a great group of furry fun.  Wonderful little people to know - and oh the stories they tell!  Different style shows from musical, to comical, to religious, and more.  Ask us about our favorite players and we'll be sure you have a gang of fun at our puppet playhouse!

Average hourly rate $375.00 - $600.00

Heckle Shows

Sounds funny - oh but it is.  Invite your favorite Chicken, Bear, or crocodile... well anything you can imagine really out to speak fun to your crowd.  A great warm for a crowd or a fun walk away item.  This small stage houses a secret weapon - Bob - the resident comedian and heckler.  He will make your crowd roar with laughter.  They will believe that the puppet talking is really keen.  Able to see the guests reactions he can time his arsenal of jokes and fun facts to truly amaze them one right after another.  It's non stop hilarity!

Average rate $550.00 & up depending on length of show


Ahh... the art of throwing your..............

voice - did ya get it? Did we throw you off?  Ok enough of the games it's time for some fun.  You will be seriously impressed with how great these performers are.  Not one but two wait one person one puppet - how do they do it?  They'll make you believe in the magic.  Just watch ans see

Average hourly rate $500.00 +

Stilt Walker

Stilt Walker for strolling entertainment & Meet and great.  Have a juggling stilt walker, a balloonist on stilts or even a character on stils.  Call us to find out how to stretch your performance dollars to new heights. 

Average hourly rate $375.00 - $500.00


Juggler to do strolling entertainment are just the beginning of what we have to offer in high flying fun.  Our jugglers can roll-a-bolla you over with their talent for balancing and manipulations.  They will juggle here, they will juggle there, they will even juggle fruit?  Not sure if a juggler can shake up your party - call us and we can toss around a few great ideas for you.  Guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser.

Average rate for shows $350.00 - $800.00


Shhhhh.....lets these creative performers take your breath away as they stage feats of amazement and wonder without the use of their voices.  Lends a whole new meaning to black and white.  Mesmerize your guests!

Average hourly rate $350.00 - $500.00

Character Actor

Character actors are great when you have a specialty role to fill.  We work with a wide variety of actors, impersonators and models.  Tell us what your needs are and we will see if we have the talent to fill it.  Pricing varies per role and duration.  So... if you need Abe Lincoln or Abe the Acorn - just call us and we'll begin searching for your perfect character.

Average hourly rate - $250.00 - $500.00

Tarot Card Reader

Lay your cards on the table and bet on your future
Tarot Card Reader can predict the future and lay down a hand of fate for your next event.  Please be advised the tarot we provide is for fun and entertainment.   We encourage you to read a great deal of fun into your next party, new years event, social gala or even just for a few friends.  Lay your cards on the table and give us a call.

Palm Readers

Hands down the most fun you will have reading
Lay down your hands for the telling of your tale.  These modern day gypsies will look into your future by looking at your palm.  Be next in line to follow the lines of fate.


Want to know your future - care to know your true self.  Gaze into their eyes and they will look into your soul.  These pschics can read through the fuzzy day to day stuff to intuit what will be your future and they can answer all of your burning questions.... like where did I leave my car keys?  Just kidding.  These professionals mean serious business and they wil take your requests to heart as they divine your answers from thin air!

Average hourly rate $250.00 - 325.00

Handwriting Analysis

What do your "oo's" say about your "aa's"?

Handwriting analysis is an art practiced by few and fascinating to many.  Our handwriting readers will tell you how your personality fits with the loop of an O and the twirl of a T.  Call us to see how accurate they can B. 

Bubble Artists

Bubblers? Ok so we don't know what to call it but really really cool.  Watch these amazing artists perform as they blow your crowd away with their talents.  You can't imagine how fragile their art is as it pops into place and becomes cubism in the round.  Ok so we can't tell you how they do it but imagine bubble blowing to the extreme and then there are these performers.  Artists au temporary. - Did we mention Waaaay cool?

Average hourly rate $325.00 - $500.00

Flea Circus

Fleas Circus Show- During the late 1800's flea circuses were all the rage across Europe and Americas.  Crowds large and small flocked to see tiny fleas perform amazing feats of strength and daring!  Watch as the live flea circus brings wows to your crowd.

Hawiian Dancers - per dancer

Hawaiian Dancers - So many options we don't know where to begin!

Average per dancer price - larger shows and specialty requests call for pricing. - Our team of dancers will come out for any occasion.  Always wholesome and always authentic.  The dancers we use perform as troupe or as individuals.  We can handle one to fifteen dancers.  You can have a show, a stage show, you can even hire musicians and novelty acts.  The most popular addition is a fire dancer.  Theres no better way to fire up the crowd.  Ask us about Hawaiian decor and props as well.  Average rate for shows $225.00 - $700.00++

more information on dancers

Picnic Game Coordinators

Our Picnic game coordinator will help your group with traditional picnic games.  We will bring sack races, tug of war, three legged race for up to 25 participants at a time.  They will run multiple heats if necessary to accommodate your crowd.  Includes a bull horn.  We will happily accommodate requests for other games.  However, we will not fill and transport water balloons.  If you want a water balloon toss please ask us to send you the balloons and you can fill in advance before our arrival.