Variety Entertainers

Here we have listed for you our most popular requests.  Many of these items are performed by one or a few selected talents.  If we have multiple performers to choose from we always like to pair you with the best person for your request.  Please use the "describe your needs" boxes in order to be more specific as to what you are looking for.  For Example: a trade show magician is different than a birthday party magician and the pricing will reflect that. If you have a moment and would like to give us the most possible information you can also visit our reservation details page Here.  In addition to what we have listed below there are a number of Specialty Parties that we do.  Plus we keep a catalog of many different and unique artist.  So if you are really in need of a bear or a high wire act call us.  There's a good chance we know where to get it!




Petting Zoo

Pony Rides

Exotic Animal & Reptile Shows


Puppet Shows

Heckle Shows


Ahh... the art of throwing your..............

Stilt Walker



Character Actor

Tarot Card Reader

Lay your cards on the table and bet on your future

Palm Readers

Hands down the most fun you will have reading


Handwriting Analysis

What do your "oo's" say about your "aa's"?

Bubble Artists

Flea Circus

Hawiian Dancers - per dancer

Hawaiian Dancers - So many options we don't know where to begin!

Picnic Game Coordinators