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Costumed Character Parties

Add a little Character to your next party - Invite one of ours!!!
As you may have noticed from your browsing we offer a variety of different characters for you to choose from for your event.  However, there was no pricing listed with the characters so how do you figure out how much it is going to be?  Here we have listed all of the options you can choose from in one order form.  Please go through - select your options and add them to your basket.  Also, if you like, either write in the character you are interested in under notes or go back and add that character for the previous menus to your basket.  We have also included a great deal of information on our parties on the Character Party Information page.  Please take a moment to review this in case you have any additional questions.  Also please visit our Reservation details page if you would like to provide us with any additional information.

Build your Party - Home visit

Step One - Choose your length for your Meet & Greet visit.  The rates are listed for one character or two characters- just pick from the box with the number of characters you want to have come.  More than 2 - call us! 

Step Two - Add on a show to your character visit (if you would like).  Shows are +/- 30 minutes in length and work best combined with 15 - 30 minute visits.  They combine magic, games, and music for a lot of fun.  See the party descriptions for more information.

Step Three -  Add activities based on your approximate number of children.  Remember we use the name tag system so one or two more or less will be accounted for the day of the event.  You will be charged appropriately if you have more or less participants.

Step Four - If you forgot to choose a character or did not see what you were looking for please tell us in the notes section what/who it is you were looking for.  We can then follow up with you and let you know who is available.

Step Five - check out even more options below!!

*Not all Characters have matching tattoos


birthday applause_000
This is a bouquet to be brought as a special treat with our characters
Please choose an option under the bouquet heading as there are different styles.  If you are looking for decorations please visit our balloon section.

Craft Activities

What fun - add this extra activity to your party and watch how the excitement builds!
To the right are several selections for crafts.  Each item is priced per item used (minimum order is 10).  The final total will be calculated on the day of your event. You are only charged for what you use or 10.  Please choose an option under the craft heading you want and then add an approximate amount to yoru basket.  Don't worry we always bring extra pieces to the party in case something breaks or extra participants come by. There are different styles and sizes so be sure to select the Item(s) you want in the size you want.  You can add more than one item to the same basket!

Party Photos

Instant Souvenier
Add on a photo with each child in it's own photo holder.  WARNING - we use Polaroid film which is supposed to be discontinued in 2008.  If this option becomes unavailable we will let you know.  As for now.  We are still snapping photos.

Goodie Bags

Save time and money

We offer custom stuffed goodie bags in three sizes.  These goodie bags are hand picked with age appropriate and theme appropriate items by our staff.  Plus we also offer great economy goodie bags called Happy Sacks.  The choices on the happy sacks all have approximately 10 prizes and the themes are listed to the right. Please choose an option under the style goodie bag you want as there are different sizes and styles. 

Don't forget if you are ordering from oriental trading we can save you 10 - 20% on all your items.  If you want us to stuff your goodie bags for you let us place your order, we will receive it and pre-make your goodie bags before your event.   A niminal fee of $10.00 per hour stuffing time applies.  Most orders stuffed in under 1 hour.

Mileage Warning!!

What’s up with Mileage? (a long explanation – or you can just call us!)

You do not have to calculate your own - we can do it for you but these guides are here if you would like to get an approximation

You may be wondering about the mileage warning.  This relates to a couple of things. We give 10 included miles on any party (20 round trip) from there any additional miles are billed at .75 cents per mile for travel and tolls (subject to change with gas pricing - under $3.50 at publishing).  We also bill $15.00 per hour per person in the vehicle per hour of driving (1 character = 2 people/ 2 characters = 3 people).  We give a 30 minute each way credit for the time traveled based on the show that is scheduled.


By charging seperately for travel and time it makes it worthwhile for the people to drive the distance/time to do any particular party.  In other words we are not going to take a 15 minute party 45 miles away – it just isn’t practical or cost effective for us or you.  HOWEVER sometimes we get 2 parties close to each other and we will adjust accordingly for both parties to save clients money. For exmple 2 partie in chicago will not get charged from our office location if they are the same day and fall withing 1 - 2 hours of each other then we will give the benefit of the mileage split between both parties.


To map yourself use the address: 25503 West Schultz rd, Plainfield IL 60585 (Mapquest).  For an accurate travel quote call or e mail anytime as we will be happy to provide it. 


Example:  30 miles / 45 minutes driving time

Totals: 60 miles/ 3 hours (2 people 45 minutes each way)

Your cost: 40 miles @.75 per mile $30.00 & 1 hour extra travel above 30 mins included on each person @ $15.00 = total travel $45.00

Mileage step 1 - Characters

Approximate Mileage Calculator for Characters
Take your total miles round trip (x 2) from your home to 25503 W. Schultz Rd, Plainfield IL 60585 and then subtract 20.  Put that number in for quantity and add to basket.

Mileage step 2 - Characters

Approximate Mileage Calculator for Characters
  1. Take your total travel time round trip (x 2) from your home to 25503 W. Schultz Rd, Plainfield IL 60585
  2. Multiply that number by the number of people coming (1 character = 2 people/ 2 characters = 3 people) 
  3. Subtract from that 1 hour per person
  4. Take that number (amount of hours left) and put in to get travel time - remember to use divisors of 1- .25 for 15 minute ,.50 for 1/2 hour, .75 for 45 minutes and hours in 1.