We know our delivery and mileage is not the easiest to understand when it hasn't been explained by a live person.  Also because we have a number of items we offer.  Some are timed and some are overnight - a lot of factors can go into a single order.  Which is why the computer can't do it alone!!  

Rentals are 4 x's the miles - to you and back 2 times once for drop off and once for pick up 

 - - when you have a larger load or a bigger set up crew time/ mileage can change based on vehicle and number of set up member for the team

Entertainment is 2 x's the miles - to you and back 1 time

 - - when you have extra staff for performers time is added for the people riding in the same car

Since so many factors will effect your true charge and you can use these options as a starting point

Example:  a supervised bounce only pays mileage 1 time instead of 2.

However please choose one of the option "to guesstimate"  or choose I have no idea but I need you to bring the stuff to me - and we will do the calculating after your request has been made and update your order appropriately.





I have no idea I just know I need my items delivered!

Base Delivery for Rentals - 5 miles

Base Delivery for Rentals - 7.5 miles

Base Delivery for Rentals - 10 miles

Entertainment Travel Fees - 10 - 15 miles

Entertainment Travel Fees - 20 miles

Entertainment Travel Fees - 25 miles