Party Saver Rentals & Entertainment

Other Services


Picnic Game Coordinators

Our Picnic game coordinator will help your group with traditional picnic games.  We will bring sack races, tug of war, three legged race for up to 25 participants at a time.  They will run multiple heats if necessary to accommodate your crowd.  Includes a bull horn.  We will happily accommodate requests for other games.  However, we will not fill and transport water balloons.  If you want a water balloon toss please ask us to send you the balloons and you can fill in advance before our arrival. 

Party Helper

Have one of our party helpers come to assist with your tasks pre and post party.  Set up/clean up ( reasonable), decorations, helping with food service, child watching (non-performing) etc.  They can help you by being an extra set of hands.  More than an extra set of hands you will need to consult with us for specialty services.

Party Sitter

Babysitting but really party sitting.  A party host will come and help coordinate your planned activities like a dance off or a cookie decorating event or any number of crafts/games you can think of.  We do not provide supplies but just the extra party person you may need.  Party Sitting can be done by more than one hostess and you will get a multiple person discount if you do it that way.

Bartender- 3 hours

The most common time requested is 3 hours and you will have your bartender there prior to set up your provided bar and service items.  We do not provide and of the beverages simple the worker. Call if extra time is needed.

Food Service - 3 hours

Food service staff dressed in black and white will help with serving, passing plates, refreshing buffets.  Anything you need for a party atmosphere without you having to do the "service" work.

Jr. Bartender/Server - Hourly

Our Jr servers and bartender service is slightly different.  They are persons who have worked food service and have the experience but they also work for us in the capacity of an entertainer or staff member.  A person of many different hats per say.  they may be slightly younger but it is a viable option if you need less hours or are flexible to save on pricing,