Party Saver Rentals and Entertainment

Lawn Games

These are great to add on as outdoor play items

All of those fun things we do outdoors

Volleyball Net

Volleyball net and Ball - professional size - set up additional - please call

Water Gun Pack - day rental

Pressurized Water guns for team or fun activities. Must have access to hose for quick fill feature. Rate is for pick up or delivered with another item.

Potato Sacks

potato sacks for races.  Add on the deluxe pack and get cones and a finsh line for your participants


Horseshoes - metal horshoes and posts

Limbo Stick

Limbo Stick Game package w music CD - no CD player included

Kiddie Tug o War

Tug of War Rope - smaller for kid size hands

Adult Tug o War

Tug of War Rope - larger for adults

Bags Games

The popular Bags, baggo, con hole games - whatever you choose to call them.  We have up to 4 sets for your tournament needs.

Ladder Golf

A really popular backyard game - rent it from us for the day and watch your "teams" play

Bocce Ball

Lawn Game Package

Includes a variety of small games - Boccee, non professional horshoes, hai-lai, ring toss, frisbee, hula hoops & whatever else we think may be fun that we have found.  Random combinations of items.  Call if youhave special requests.