Party Saver Rentals and Entertainment


Need to add a little FUN into your Fund Raising?

We have all of the fun stuff - can you provide the participants?  Browse our great fund raising options here and see if one fits your needs?

Call us for more details on any of these options.


Carnival Packages

Carnival Games, Food, and Entertainment.  Everything you need for a fun fair or carnival themed fund raiser.

Inflatable Bracelet Party

Bracelet Parties are done by pre selling bracelets for all day/night inflatable play.

Sport Challenge

Are you enough of a team player to raise team spirit and team fun?

Balloon Days

Send a valentine or a school spirit bouquet - great fund raiser for the student council or sport department

Concession Stand

Sell concessions to make your money

Movie Night

Have our Big Picture to raise funds for the Big Money

Craft Day

Crafts and Booths for you to sell items from - make money on making sand art! & more...