party saver rentals and entertainment


Pizza Pizza - need we say more?

Great Fun Fast  - pizza is a winning option for fun food 

We do not provide frozen Pizza's but we can refer you to several pizza vendors we work with for ready made.


Pizza Oven

Heat and Serve with this handy pizza oven.

Pizza Warmer

Humidified Pizza Cabinet for warming and serving pizza - holds up to 4 pizzas

Paper Plates

Don't forget to add your plates - these study plates keep you from losing your food! Pack of 50 foodservice style plates.

Food Trays

Extention Cord - Fun Food

Fun Foods need to be near a plug or outlet to work ( within 6 feet)  You should never plug them in to a regular household extension cord.  If you need your machine further away from your plug please add on one of our heavy guage extension cords for safe operation. 25 ft.

Small Table

A 2 x 4 Table for your serving needs

Small Table & Cover

A 2 x 4 Table for your serving needs with a red and white striped full length table cover.