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Ice Cream

Ice Cream and Frosty Treat Options


Ice Cream Cart

Please call for more details
This ice cream cart comes stocked with a minimum of 72 gourmet treats.  For use up to 10 hours without needeing to be frozen.  The full ice cream list is available for you to make your own custom selection.  Delivery and rental are based on location.

Frosty Freeze

Ask us how you can use this with our frozen drink machine for a frozen ice cream treat!

Topping pump

Great for Caramel & Hot Fudge

Fruit Topping

Top off your favorite fun food with these fantastic real fruit options.


Cooler for Ice, drinks and whatever you need.

Scoop Straws

Scoop straws pack of 250.  Great for any icee treat.

Small Condiment Station

Condiment station - Small - All clear not exactly as pictured

Hot Dogs - Use for relish, onions, ketchup mustard etc. - client to provide condiments unless requested - to be kep over ice

Funnel Cakes/Waffle Dogs/Pretzels/Chocolate Fountains/ Caramel Apple - Use this for gourmet toppings like cookies, chocolate bits, Butterfinger bits, chocolate sprinkes.... whatever you can imagine

Extention Cord - Fun Food

Fun Foods need to be near a plug or outlet to work ( within 6 feet)  You should never plug them in to a regular household extension cord.  If you need your machine further away from your plug please add on one of our heavy guage extension cords for safe operation. 25 ft.

Small Table

A 2 x 4 Table for your serving needs

Small Table & Cover

A 2 x 4 Table for your serving needs with a red and white striped full length table cover.