Movie Night Concession Stand

We do the work so you can enjoy the show

Concession Stand with staff

We bring popcorn, canned pop, candy bars & pretzels and MORE!!!


Your cost for us to bring the concessions but we charge the attendees directly is only the attendant fee.


                                                                        3 hours                         5 hours


            1 Concessionaire                                  $95.00                         call                    

            2 Concessionaires                               $165.00                       call


Your cost per person to buy concessions in advance:


Popcorn                       $1.00 - 1.50

Cotton Candy               $1.00 – 1.50

Sno Cone                     $1.00 - 1.50

Pop                              $1.00 – 1.50

Water                           $1.25

Nachos                         $2.50 – 3.00

Pretzels                         $2.00 – 2.50

Candy (assorted)          $1.00 - 2.50

Pizza                             $1.50 - 3.50


Buy from us in advance and you can charge extra for your food tickets and make a profit!


A minimum order of $250.00 worth of concessions is required initial fee for concessionaire may be reduced with larger orders - call for details.


We will provide you tickets for your people to turn in to redeem the item OR you can pay for a base number of servings and when we get to that amount we will cut off service or ask for your permission to keep serving.  As another option we can start charging after free items have been distributed - not a popular option but it does work if you do a RSVP and people come without their tickets.


Please call us for additional options