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Pucker Powder

Great Pucker Powder Options for parties or fundraising

Choose your flavors and your dispensing style and call us for your package price.

Pucker Powder Machine Rental

Great for Fundraising

SIx flavors and a variety of choices in bottle styles allow for this to be a great addition to you fundraiser, party, or fair.  Sandy Candy

Pucker Powder Flavors

Flavor Bottles for Machine

Please make your choice of flavors to go with the machine.  Also list how many servings you need and the size bottle you would like.  We will provide a quote for you to meet your requests. 

Mini Pucker Powder Machine Rental

Great for Fundraising

Five flavors and 30 tubes make this the ideal machine for pties and small events.  Order extra candy packages for more guests. 

Pucker Powder Bulk

Order in bulk without the machine
You can also order bottles and tubes in bulk for your larger crowd - contact us for pricing on your large group.