party saver rentals and entertainment

Caramel Apple Sundeas

A great Classic Treat

Caramel Apple Sundeas with Caramel, whipped cream and toppings - fun , tasty and fruity

Apple Slicer

Topping pump

Great for Caramel & Hot Fudge

Caramel Apple Sauce

The best sauce for topping sliced apples!

Small Condiment Station

Condiment station - Small - All clear not exactly as pictured

Hot Dogs - Use for relish, onions, ketchup mustard etc. - client to provide condiments unless requested - to be kep over ice

Funnel Cakes/Waffle Dogs/Pretzels/Chocolate Fountains/ Caramel Apple - Use this for gourmet toppings like cookies, chocolate bits, Butterfinger bits, chocolate sprinkes.... whatever you can imagine

Potion Cups

Food Trays

Paper Plates

Don't forget to add your plates - these study plates keep you from losing your food! Pack of 50 foodservice style plates.

Small Table

A 2 x 4 Table for your serving needs

Small Table & Cover

A 2 x 4 Table for your serving needs with a red and white striped full length table cover.