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Bulk Popcorn Supplies

Use this to serve 250+

Pop-a-lot ..............Save-a-lot

Case EZ Popcorn

36 packages for a 6oz popper

Bulk Popcorn Bags - 1.5 oz

350 in a box - works well with a case of Easy Pop

Bulk Popcorn Seeds

50 lbs of mushroom style popping corn - oil and flavoring seperate


This is the Magic
This is the little flavor that could.... makes your popcorn into movie theater style popcorn with just a 1/4 teaspoon.  So little makes so much of a difference. 

Bulk Popcorn Oil

1 Gallon Jug for popping bulk kernals

Bulk Popcorn Bags

1000 count pack of popcorn Bags - 1 oz

Bulk Popcorn Kit

Bulk Kit contains 50 lb bag of popcorn, 1 container flavocal, 2 things of oil and bags for 500.  Must combine ingredients to pop.