party saver rentals and entertainment

Cotton Candy

Fairy Sugar at it's best- try our sweet Cotton Candy

Rent the machine or buy by the container we offer fresh cotton candy to order

Dual Band Cotton Candy Machine

This is a mega output machine.  Twice the floss for your funtime event.  Double bubble extra.

Pink Cotton Candy Machine

The "cadillac" standard of cotton candy machines - a favorite for all ages.  Take this machine for a spin.

Cotton Candy with cart

Comes with cart, machine, and Double Bubble

Double Bubble

Add this to your machine rental if you will be making  coton candy out of doors.  Helps prevent fly-away.

Cotton Candy Cart

Cotton Candy Cart - add to your machine rental and make a splash!

Cotton Candy Sugar

1/2 gallon container Cotton Candy Sugar - makes 50 - 60 1 oz servings

Add quantity and choose flavors.

Floss Bags

100 per header and come plain unless you add option

Cotton Candy Sticks

Candee Floss Tubs

Large Cotton Candy Tubs


Cotton Candy Sign

Add this sign to fluff up your cotton Cnady Sales

Cotton Candy Hangers

Rent these hangers that hold up to 12 bags each.  Make the bags in advance and use thes for display.

Extention Cord - Fun Food

Fun Foods need to be near a plug or outlet to work ( within 6 feet)  You should never plug them in to a regular household extension cord.  If you need your machine further away from your plug please add on one of our heavy guage extension cords for safe operation. 25 ft.

Small Table

A 2 x 4 Table for your serving needs

Small Table & Cover

A 2 x 4 Table for your serving needs with a red and white striped full length table cover.