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Drink Items


Drink Holders and serving items

Water Cooler - Drinks

Five Gallon water and drink cooler.  Insulated.


Cooler for Ice, drinks and whatever you need.

Beverage Dispenser

The dispenser holds hot/cold liquids with an easy flow nozzle and a strong carrying tank. Capacity 2.2 gallons.

Airpot Coffee

Brew enough for your guests in advance  Great for hot Cocoa!

Drink Pitcher

Use these for yoru cold drinks

Coffee Urn

Brew 50 - 75 cups of coffee with our Urn.  Guaranteed to keep you up for finals....

Small Coffee Carafe

Use these for your Hot Beverages

Super Keg Cooler

Super Keg Cooler has double wall construction with blown-in-place insulation. Holds 1/4 or 1/2 barrel beer kegs. This cooler and approximately 3 bags of ice will keep your keg cold. Not recommended for use with Sankey Lever type taps. (Note: shown with optional dolly.)pad

Super Cooler Dolly

Ever have trouble moving the keg before the party? Then you need the Keg Cooler Dolly. Fits the Super Cooler Keg Cooler for easy transportation to and from the party!pad

Keg Jacket

This is our keg jacket. Designed to keep your beer cold for up to 10 hours. The keg jacket is composed of three layers: heavy-weight nylon canvas for durability, high-quality insulation for extended parties, and a waterproof liner so you can add ice for parties over 10 hours long. The middle layer of high-quality insulation is what keeps your keg cold for up to 10 hours! If you plan on keeping the keg out for more than 10 hours just add a few bags of ice, and the keg will stay cold all night long.pad