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Inflatable props

Blow up your lawn sign

Inflatable props for your next party or lawn display


Inflatable Birthday Cake

Order this item Delivered with your bounce and save!
Birthday Cake 7' Inflatable Lawn Sign.  A great addition to any birthday event.  You can pick this up or have it delivered with other items.  Get it a day early and set it up for a special birthday surprise on the morning of their special day.  Great for photos!  Plus guests can't miss what house the party is at.

Inflatable Stork

Add on our supersized stork for your lawn greeting.  Inflatable to go with your it's a boy or girl greeting. Make a supersized announcement for your special arrival.

Inflatable Clown

This 8' Happy clown goes great as a greeter for your next party.  Pair it withour lawn signs for a real hit.  No one will miss the party then.

Inflatable Gazebo - Tiki

gemmy tiki hut
Rent these fantastic gazebos for your nex luau.  Put them over tables or at your entryway.  A great attention getter! Luau tiki party!

Inflatable Palm Trees

Our palm trees vary slightly from thepicture as they have lights and a monkey in them.  These 6' trees make a great decorating companion to your next - luau, beach party or tropical event.

Inflatable Drink

It's Mai time at the margarita machine.  This inflatable will stand out next to your drink station and let the guets know where to head for a cool treat!  Add this to you next tiki- tropical - luau event and you'll be a hit.

Inflatable princess castle

Are the princesses all attending a party at your castle.  Inflate the fun by adding in this 4 foot inflatable castle.  Spread the word that it's your princesses grand event!