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Face Painting & Animal Balloons

We call these folks our Party Hosts!

Our party hosts do a variety of the following services please read the different descriptions to see what fits your groups needs the best. 

Please feel free to call us for sample pictures.


Party Host - Basic

This is one of our most popular items for parties where people would like one or more of our activities but they just don't know which one the kids will like or there is a variety of ages attending or they just want to have all sorts of fun options.  This Basic party host is a person who does parties normally with our characters and has the experience with weekend parties and a lot of kid friendly events.  They will bring with them traditional style face painting, balloon animals and light temporary tattoo mix.  In addition they can do games with the group if you request or time allows.  They will come in, assess the group and work within the activities listed for 1 hour.  In that time they will get done as many of the activities we have brought.  However, if you ave a primary request do let us know so we can make sure to include that in the order.  Most often you should budget 1 minute per attendee per activity.  Fifteen children will likely get all three activities and maybe one game.  Thirty Five children probably balloons and tattoos.  We can easily recommend the length of time you need based on your group size and the specific activities you want.  If its a birthday normally 1 - 1.5 hours works well.  We come attired in our tradition tie dye shirt but you can request a red and white striped carnival vest.

Party Host for Balloonist

Hourly fee for traditional balloon animal twisting.  We will twist the traditional variety of animal balloons -Puppy, Bunny, Kitty, Heart, Hat, Flower, Lady bug, Turtle, Airplane, Fishing Pole, Teddy Bear, Dinosaur, Giraffe, Hat, Sword... etc.  You can add time up to 2 hours here but call us if you need many hours of twisting.  We can provide you with a multiple hour quote.

**If you are looking for a super twister contact us directly as they are available.  We feature several specialty twisters with great skills to make cartoon characters and all sorts of HUGE balloon creations.  However, for large crowds and parties we have not normally found this is the most time effective option.  Certainly fun but some twists can take up to 10  minutes or more per creation.  Super twisters are considered by us as a variety entertainer as they are far more for entertainment value and their wonderful creations are works of art. 

Party Host for Temporary Tattoos

Our Basic Party host above will come with an expanded selection of tattoos and designs.  Great if you need someone for an extended period of time but need an easy quick turnover item.  We have hundreds of tattoo choices for all ages and tastes.  Add in the specialty tattoos and we will bring ones with cartoon characters and larger 2"- 3" selections as well.

Party Host for Glitter Too's

We use similar designs with precision cut stencils for our glitter too's but instead of airbrushes they are specially applied with a non toxic fda approved adhesive which makes the glitter stay put.  Glitter toos can be easily removed.  However, if properly cared for they can last for days like a temporary tattoo... but glittery!  These designs can be applied quickly and easily.  We have 30 designs to choose from.  Ask about our fund-raising option with these.

Pick up Glitter Too's

We provide you with all of the supplies you need for glitter too's and you can do these on your own. We will provide you 30 stencils to use and you will have 2 of each design plus 8 colors of glitter.  Extra stencils can be ordered or provided. Balance of glitter and unused tattoos must be returned.  Larger kit available.

Party Host for Traditional Face Painting

Face Painting on the cheek or hand in traditional designs.  This is great for parties and special events.  We do offer different styles of face painting.  Please see more options listed.  This traditional face painting will cover most event, birthdays and occasions where you have a great number of participants. About 1 minute per person is a good rule of thumb to figure out how long you need.

Party Host for Fantasy Face Painting

Fantasy Face Painting is what we consider the face painting where you do whole faces or partial faces.  This painting is done with makeup and requires a specially trained face painter.   So if you are looking for puppy dog faces, Mardi gras masks, full face butterflies this is the style face painting you should schedule.  We recommend 3 - 5 minutes per attendee for full face creations.  Please remember not everyone will want a large paint and we can accommodate them with something from the traditional face painting family.

Airbrush Face Painting

Our specialty face painting done with stencils and an air brush guns.  Great fun and a real crowd pleaser.  Perfect for parties and special events.  The artists will bring all you need to "brush" you crowd with removable washable face paint.  We have hundreds of stencil choice to choose from and can accommodate big crowds.  What a fantastic draw for your event.  Ask about a custom made stencil just for you.  If you have a need for multiple hours please let us know and we can work out a package price for your event. 

Ask about our birthday party rates.  Usually you will not need a full hour to do 20 participants at a birthday party but it is so popular normally party participants will want multiple designs AND parents will want designs as well - So, maybe you should schedule two.....

Airbrush Tattoos

Also done with airbrush and precision cut stencils. Our airbrush stencil designs with hundreds of choices include armbands, Celtic, tribal, kids, anklets, and other popular graphics. Completely safe, non-toxic and complies with all current F. D. A. approved ingredients. The airbrush temporary tattoos will stay on for up to 7 days, they are incredibly realistic looking on the skin, but you won't have them on for life.  

  • Airbrush Tattoos very colorful.
  • Airbrush tattoos are temporary 
  • Airbrush Tattoos last about a week or longer but can be removed at any time instantly
  • Airbrush Tattoos are hypo allergenic, non-toxic paints that are FDA approved
  • Airbrush Tattoos dry instantly
  • Airbrush Tattoos don't rub off or smudge
  • Airbrush Tattoos take minutes to put on
  • You can put Airbrush Tattoos anywhere (decent) on your body