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Costume Character Deliveries

Add a little Character to your delivery!

All deliveries include a fun filled helium bouquet, a card and a polaroid photo (while still available). Any of our popular costumed characters are ready to do a balloon delivery for your party or special occasion.  We have a variety of costumes to choose from including everything from dinosaurs to bunnies.  So if your recipient has a favorite character let us know and we can tell you if it is on our list.  Children's and adult characters available.  All of our costumed character deliveries include a Fun Filled Bouquet, a special delivery card and a Polaroid photograph for instant memories!


Costume Character Telegram - LOTS of choices

Limited delivery area - 10 miles - please call for options in other areas

Our Character (and sometimes a host) will arrive to sing a song and pose for some pictures after delivering to your recipient a fun filled bouquet.  We have hundreds of characters to choose from.

Smiley Guy

Smile face costume with person iside.  Just enough to make someone's day. Presented with smiley face balloons.

Heart felt delivery

Heart shaped costume with person inside will deliver your heartfelt sentiments to the one you love.  Great with a heart or flower balloon bouquet.

Cake Walk

Birthday?  Have some cake and deliver it too!  Your delivery cupcake will sing a song for the recipient before offering up some cupcake balloons. 

Hugee Bear

Cuddly and Loveable this costume is good for deliveries to all age groups.  One of our bears will deliver a bouquet that includes your theme with foil balloons and latex balloons.  For an extra added memory ask to have your balloons weighted with a plush teddy bear--just $8.00!

Can't Help Falling In Love

Do you want to say I love you with flair? Well saying so is easier when our telegram delivery person comes along with a song.  Dressed in hearts and carrying a tune our delivery person will serenade your recipient with a version of Can't help falling in love with you--made famous by Elvis Presley.  A telegram sure to impress your loved one and leave them misty eyed

Some Bunny Loves You

Do you love Some Bunny? Well saying so is just a hop skip and a jump easier with our bouncy bunnies delivering balloons from you. Our bunny brigade comes with a themed balloon bouquet.  May we suggest large candy hearts foil balloons and mixed with pastel latex balloons.  For a sweet touch ask to have the bouquet weighted with.. What else? Candy hearts! (other messages available)

Little Devil

Includes Red Hots
This character is for those of you who fancy yourselves a little frisky then send one of our hottest telegrams with our little devil.  This telegram comes with a red hot love Mylar and latex balloon bouquet.  Ask to have it weighted with cinnamon red hot candies or fire balls if you really want something fiery sweet .  If you want a not so hot  compromise you can even have our red hot balloons with a touch of cupid's love instead of our devil--we call that one our devilish angel.

Go Ape

Includes Banana Candy!
Go Ape over your special sweetheart.  Have one of our Gorilla Pals deliver a special heartfelt bouquet and a great big HUG!  Don't forget to add banana taffy to it.  So go a little bananas just ask for Jungle love (and get set for a wild fling)!


Includes Chocolate
Send a little cupid to get your *ouch* point across.  Strike your lover with cupid's arrow and they will receive a wonderful surprise.  This delivery comes with a balloon bouquet including foil balloons featuring wonderful love themes. These are mixed with latex accent balloons.  Ask to have them weighted by chocolate candy for something sweet.  Oh and your recipient will be left with an arrow through the heart card that they can display to remember just how much fun it was to be touched by cupid's arrow.. and your love.

Telegram theme - Upgrade your bouquet

birthday applause_000
This is a bouquet to be brought as a special treat with our telegrams
Please choose an option under the bouquet heading as there are different styles.  If you are looking for decorations please visit our balloon section.