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Specialty Telegrams

The way to go for FUN!

All telegrams include a deluxe bouquet*, a telegram cover sheet*, a polaroid photo, and customized delivery information (questionnaire)

* Some perfomers do not come to office prior to telegram and other do not bring balloons as it would interfere with their "show" please adise if this is a must for your event.


Dr. Hans Aloveru

Dr. Hans will treat your patient for whatever ails them.  Cure birthday blues complete with an anti aging remedy - laughter.  For Anniversaries prescribe a dose of jittery twist.  Dr. Hans will deliver up the laughter if you cough up a patient!  So make it fun to see the Dr. again and order a funny bone checkup for someone you know.  All of our telegrams come complete with a prescription for 100% FUN! 

Dr. Olga Agenstein

We call her the Dr. O Love and she is therl Age whenever your life needs an old age checkup.  Birthdays, anniversaries and as Dr. Lovenschtein she can do Valentines greetings. Hilarious comedy  props make for a quirky good time.  Not to mention her guaranteed anti aging wrinkle free crème or her water retention cure!  So the next time you need to send the love of you life a fun loving or heart warming sentiment.  Make sure they pass their physical exam from Dr. Olga - it will be sure to cure! Also available as Dr. Olga Lovenschtein - "Dr. Of Love"

Gus the Gorilla

Does someone you know deserve to be recognized? Are you bananas about something or someone?  Then let our own Gus our gorilla and his trainer make that statement for you.  Fresh and fruity this telegram is "swinging" and dancing. This comedic telegram has Gus pulling bananas out of everywhere and ends with a song and dance number only a gorilla could pull off. Bananas are included - for that extra a -peel!

Officer Stretch Jones

The long arm of the law has come to make your event an arresting one.  Seriously funny officer "Stretch" Jones acts as your own personal laughter enforcement agent.  People can be arrested for the funniest reasons-- but remember it takes the whole crowds participation to win their release.  So send someone away with this telegram today!

Leonard the Postalman

The government has sent it's best postal employee just for your special delivery.  Great for telegrams with accompanying presents.  This nebbish and slightly annoying civil servant bags up all the laughs when he brings your balloon bouquet to the office.  His complaints of tired feet and postal shoulder tied in with your secret information about his delivery customer keep the crowd laughing.  Oh and did we mention this postman can be a flirt?  So go postal with Leonard (heavy on the Nerd).

Menard & Mai Mai the Nerd(s)

Only one nerd per order

Menard is not mean he's a nard - theup to date version of s uper coo nerd.  Ok so not so cool and more of a nerd.  His cohort in crime is Mai - mai and if you need a girl for a nerds job there is no one better than her for the call. The two snark it up when duty calls.  Don't forget your hankerchief beause one of these telegrams can leave you crying if the recipient is willing to sign for them,

Everyone loves a clumsy nerd and a funny one makes for even more laughs.  What everyone doesn't expect is the emergency nerd convergence kit.  We make sure to bring all of the trimmings to make your recipient into the nerd they really have always truly wanted to be.  Requires a fun loving crowd of people! 

Mr. Player

So for the more nerdy and the less afraid we have a telegram that will knock you socks off - up- or down. Our "playa" he doesn't care.  He'll go after anything in a skirt or shirt.  What a flirt. Join his team of seriously (un)sexy.  Don't tell him that though or your likely to get swept off your feet or was it get you feet swept off?

Mr Tux

Would you like to get formal and funky at the same time? Try our tail coated Mr. Tuxedo to send your greetings.  He will sing in the cheesy lounge singer style and interact with your recipient in his own unique one man lounge show style - miniature music included - love boat style. This delivery is marked as all star cheesy. Audience participation guaranteed. 

Star Report

Is someone you know the center of all the office gossip?  Let us help you frame them and we'll even put their face on the front page of our "Star Report".  Are they secretly engaged in conversations at the water cooler.  Do they need to be put back in their place with a space alien abduction test?  Have they recently been covering up all of those BIG CIA (comedy in action) secrets?  Just a fun telegram that can be customized for anyone and any occasion.  Custom Star Report withtheir own personal life highlights - add $50.00 & you'll need to send in a few stories and pictures.

Sister Sue SIlly

Have you got a country cousin?  Well you do now! as sister SUUUU Silly comes on in to get you all hog - wallered and hickety - knixed.  Not sure what these words mean? Neither are we, but Suu shore is funny when she gets into a boss calling contest - or even worse a birthday jamboree song!  Order SUU today when you want to watch your friends hoop n' holler with real rip roarin' fun


He lives on. Our Elvis is unique in the fact that he sings his own material - no lip sinc'ing here.  He sings a medley of popular ELVIS tunes that  is guaranteed to make hearts swoon and crowds smile. The telegrams include songs plus happy birthday.  For more information on ELVIS review shows please call our office.

Sweet Seranade

Our violinist will make sure your sweetheart knows how special they really are with a personal serenade.  Whether at home, the office or even over dinner this personal service is just what the romantic ordered.  Presented with a romantic song, a card and a single long stem rose.  A real treat for that special someone I your life. Standard does not include balloons!

Telegram theme - Upgrade your bouquet

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This is a bouquet to be brought as a special treat with our telegrams
Please choose an option under the bouquet heading as there are different styles.  If you are looking for decorations please visit our balloon section.