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Halloween Concession

Spooky tricks with super good treats

Use these party suggestions for some spooky good treats at your halloween of fall party


Halloween Fun Food Tips and Treats

Halloween and food go hand in hand or maybe more like hand in the trick or treat bag.   Here are some of our fun - for fun foods - suggestions on how to use our concessions in a halloween way. 

Halloween Sno Cone Ideas

This suggestion generally works best for indoor parties as it a little nippy in October for outdoors and ice (unless you live somewhere warm - which Illinois is not).  Use the shaved ice with "blood" (red syrup) over it.  Take the ice out of the machine and stack into a cookie sheet or serving platter then stick in a  barbie doll or doll parts ( you can get at the local hobby store).  Make sure the pieces are too big for human consumption so no one gets a hand in their treat.  Scoop the treat out into silver autopsy bowls with the craziest kitchen utensil you can find.   You can also do this with "alien blood"  (green syrup) as well.  Same concept but use and alien doll instead.  Far out fun. 

Another version is to get a jello mold in a hand, heart or brain shape and mold ice cream into it.  Re-freeze the ice cream to make sure it is firm.  Then serve slices of the ice cream "organs" and cover with iced blood -  slushee ice/red syrup mixed with sno cone ice - Hundreds of flavor combinations.

Make any brew a cool brew by adding sno cone ice and syrup to make a witching treat.  Add in a glow in the dark cup or straw and you can't ask for a better way to light up the party.

Sno Cone Link

Halloween Popcorn Ideas

The simplest ideas are always the best.  The easiest popcorn ideas are simply additions.

Add in spider rings to make it look spooky - great for Spiderman parties as well.  make sure kids are old ebought not to eat the rings.

Add in caramel corn for a sweet and salty treat.

Add in chocolate M n M's in halloween colors - can't miss with this

Make a munchie mix with peanuts/M n M's/ caramel corn & Popcorn - after all you will need energy for trick or treating.

Other fun with popcorn:

Order a colored glaze - pop orange popcorn for the holiday

Order a favorite flavor - pop caramel corn with our special coating

Popcorn Link

Halloween Frozen Drink Machine Ideas

Work with us for a real witches brew.  What fantastic fun you will have drawing out the favorite flavor combinations.  Make it a huge hit by serving you brew in mini caulrens.  Go crazy and top your drink with an edible organ piece of candy.  We recommend grape and orange for fun flavors but you can go to slime with a little bit of lime.  These flavors are fun for the kids but can be made into "adult treats" as well.  Ask us for some haunting bre recipies for your party.  Don't forget the gloz swizzle sticks or glow cups. 

One of our favortie trick or treats is to mix in the edible body parts to the brew and wait for the squeals of shock as the little goblins find a heart at the bottom of their cup.  All in good fun though - please don't traumatize any adults or young children. 

Also - any candies or treat should not be added into the frozen drink machine they should be waiting secretly inside the cauldron or cup that you are serving in. 

Frozen Drink Machines Link

Halloween Nachos

The simple idea for Halloween nachos is to just serve the cheese over black and orange tortilla chips. 

The next idea would be to add just a little food coloring to the cheese ( not too much or you will have really red lips)  and serve up some chips and drips - bloody drips that is.  You can also supplement with salsa (which is already red)  In case you can't bear the thought of blood red cheese.

Nachos Link

Halloween Funnel Cakes

Our pre made funnel cakes bring the carnival to you.  Nothing says gross more than deep fried intestines... served with strawberry sauce blood.  Add some whipped cream for a real tasty sensation - sorry not sure what the whipped cream would represent but it tastes sooo good.

Funnel Cakes Link

Halloween Cotton Candy

This is our favorite Halloween food idea and it's a hit year after year.  We add a little cotton candy into a bag with a spider ring and WHAM - instant edible spider webs.  Make sure of course not to serve this to the tiny tots as we don't want them to eat the spider ring but this fantastic fun treat can be made in advance for a truly tasty Halloween party gift of gross! Dont't want to make it yourself - buy it pre-bagged from us.

Cotton Candy Link

Halloween Sandy Candy & Pucker Powder..Rat Dip!

Pick you favorite flavors or colors to make this candy treat.  Halloween - Candy you can make yourself... Hmmm we think this is a sure fire hit for any party.  Choose the test tubes or rat dip as options to go with the Sandy Candy Flavors and you have an even more interesting and did we mention greeewwwwoosss treat for the kids.  Rat dip is particularly grossifying but boy do they love it.  We also have pumpkin necklaces available as an option for filling ith Candy.

Candy Link

Halloween Caramel Apple Sundeas/Waffle Dogs

There isn't much to do to a Caramel Apple Sundea to make it a gory/gross item.  However you can add in small halloween touches like candy corn or halloween sprinkles as toppings.  The same goes for Waffle Dogs/ fundge puppies.  However with fudge puppies you can dip them in red chocolate and make them a bloody pirates leg.....or green chocolate for frankenstein fingers.

Caramel Apples / Fudge Puppies