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Halloween Rentals

Fright Fest or Fun Fest let us help you with these great party items

All sorts of accessories to choose from to make your all-hallows eve a hit.


Halloween 10 x 10 Tent

We have a limited number of orange topped 10 x 10 tents
Canopy 10 x 10 rental tent - pick up rate.  Delivery & set up additional.

Special effects

Special effects are a huge hit at halloween!

Fog Machine

Add some atmosphere - instantly
Up to 5/6 hours of fog to keep your party rolling.  Rental price includes one container of fog juice.

Fog Mister

Create Eerie Effects!
Plastic Fog Mister. Set this in a bowl to create a cool fog illusion. Fog changes from red to yellow to blue. Includes an 11-ft. cord with on/off switch and adaptor.  Skulls not included.

Long Blacklights

Glow until you go home

We have 2 of the shop light style lights completed with black light bulbs and safety covers.  These can be hung from a cieling or set around the perimeter of a room. Much better than just a plain bulb.  Ask us about dicounted glow products!

Mirror Ball Purchase Set

This is a purchase not a rental item - shipping will be added.

Purchase this item!  Use it for decades to come... maybe the 60's will come back.

Mirror Ball Set. Includes 10" mirrored ball, 4 1/4" electric motor with 36" power cord and 6" metal spotlight kit. Spotlight kit includes a 36" power cord, 30-watt bulb and 4 assorted translucent plastic covers.

Mirror Ball Rental Set

This is a rental item

16 - 20" mirror ball and rotator assembly for the cieling.  Kepp inmind you will need to hang this item!  Installation/delivery available.  Ask.

This classic mirror ball will take you back to the times of disco floors, hot pants and skating parties! Available cin 16 - 20" size depending on availability. Comes with an electric ceiling turntable which must be mounted to the ceiling (installation not included), We also recommend adding a pin spot to top off hte special effects.

Rope Lights

rope lights
Rent our rope lights for your next disco/holiday or just for you next Hannah Montana party.  Great way to add some groovey!

Spotlight - pin

Our pin lights are great for lighting tent perimeters, special effects and of course disco balls.  Use several to create a red carpet runway for your next hollywood event.

Strobe Light

Rent this flashingly handsome light and put all of your guests into slow motion.  Great special effect for halloween or dance parties. 

Mega Bubble Machine

This industrial strength bubble machine will provide millions of bubbles for your party to enjoy.  Add this bubble Buddy to your next Bounce rental or Dance Party for great fun!  Ask us about glow in the dark bubbles.  Don't forget to add bubble fluid to your order!  This machine works best with our custom bubble fluid.

Mini Bubble Machine

This smaller bubble machine will provide hours of bubbles for your party to enjoy.  Add this bubble machine for backyard fun and entertainment!  Don't forget to add bubble fluid to your order!  This machine can take regular bubble fluid as well.

Halloween Carnival

We recommend a few of our games below.  Many of these can be themed for fall or halloween.  We offer more games and game packages.  here we have listed those that are most popular at halloween.

Carnival Game Goblet Toss

Goble Toss - roll your ball on the top of the goblets to land in one of the colored goblets for a win

Carnival Game Goldfish Game

Goldfish Game - pitch your ping pong ball into one of the many goldfish bowls to win a prize

Carnival Game Grab Bag

Grab Bag - PLayer picks a bag or a pprize by reaching through this curtained box to grasp what's on the other side

Carnival Game Hooplah

Hooplah - pitch hula hoop over box & stand to land flat on the floor and win.

Carnival Game lollipop tree

Lollipop Tree - grab a lollipop to win colored ends win bonus all players get lollipop

Potato Sacks

potato sacks for races.  Add on the deluxe pack and get cones and a finsh line for your participants

Carnival Game Prize Wheel

Prize Wheel - spin to land on any number up to 36. Red wheel with white numbers can be customized. Table top version is 24" wide

Carnival Game Treasure Chest

Treasure Chest - try your hand at unlocking the secrets of the treasue chest one key out of many unlocks the lock