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Frozen Drinks

Margarita Machines and Drink Machine


Bunn Drink Machine

Forzen Concoctions that help us hang on....
Use this for graduations, Fiestas, Adult and Kids parties.  You make th drink base into whatever mix you like to drink.  Rate is for pick up - delivery is extra. 

Frozen Drink Base

Use this to make your drink base.  Kids love the fruity flavors.  Adults love the "drink" flavors.  See our serving chart and helpful hints for more fun ideas.  Serving chart/hints.

Clear Drink Cups

200 count package clear drink cups - flat bottomed so there's no spilling.

Scoop Straws

Scoop straws pack of 250.  Great for any icee treat.

Toppings - Drinks

Top off your favorite frozen concoction with real fruit.  Fantastic combinations await.  Ask us about smoothie mixes and mix in's.

Drink Machine Flavors

Have a flavor on the side to make your plain drinks into fancy drinks. 

Super Cool Cover

Better Freezing
Promotes freezing and keeps slushys - slushier?.. (is that a word)  Either way this great cooler cover helps out on the frozen drink machine.


Cooler for Ice, drinks and whatever you need.

Drink Machine Cart

Cart with wheels to make drink machine moving and placement easier.

Super Keg Cooler

Super Keg Cooler has double wall construction with blown-in-place insulation. Holds 1/4 or 1/2 barrel beer kegs. This cooler and approximately 3 bags of ice will keep your keg cold. Not recommended for use with Sankey Lever type taps. (Note: shown with optional dolly.)pad

Super Cooler Dolly

Ever have trouble moving the keg before the party? Then you need the Keg Cooler Dolly. Fits the Super Cooler Keg Cooler for easy transportation to and from the party!pad

Keg Jacket

This is our keg jacket. Designed to keep your beer cold for up to 10 hours. The keg jacket is composed of three layers: heavy-weight nylon canvas for durability, high-quality insulation for extended parties, and a waterproof liner so you can add ice for parties over 10 hours long. The middle layer of high-quality insulation is what keeps your keg cold for up to 10 hours! If you plan on keeping the keg out for more than 10 hours just add a few bags of ice, and the keg will stay cold all night long.pad

Extention Cord - Fun Food

Fun Foods need to be near a plug or outlet to work ( within 6 feet)  You should never plug them in to a regular household extension cord.  If you need your machine further away from your plug please add on one of our heavy guage extension cords for safe operation. 25 ft.

Wooden Table

Rent a wooden table for the machine to rest on.  Plastic and regular table may warp under the weight of the unit.