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Halloween Party Tips and Tricks


Inside for Halloween?

Do you have a little one that's just a little too young to go out for an extended halloween visit?  Perhaps you have a rainy halloween?  You can apply this ideas to young and older groups.  Either way we suggest taking a page from the easter bunny or captain hook. Make indoors exciting by hiding you halloween treats through the house.  Make sure to have them bring each one to you and say trick or treat.  If you are really creative then we sugget you draw a treasure map and meke 2 copies.  As they find each treat lay them out on the master map so you can make sure all of the valuable chocolate treasures have been found. 

Halloween Heat

Most of us have seen them and more than a few construction workers swear by them.  Boot/glove warmers.  These instant warm packages heat up when you break them open and stay warm for long enough to trick or treat.  We suggest a simple solution to carry a couple along with you and break open and huddle the little fingers around them if they are cold. or stuff a couple into pockets.  However if you are a sewing savvy parent you can take a t-shirt and place a few outside pockets onto it to hold the warming packets in and you can then have your child wear the t- shirt under their costume like a heat vest.  Be sure to add the packets as needed - because trick or treating is a sport.  Some kids are warm enough in their polyester costumes already.  We like to bring a couple along just in case a warm up is needed.