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Winter Holiday Fun Food Tips and Treats

Holidays and food go hand in hand.   Here are some of our fun - for fun foods - suggestions on how to use our concessions in a creative and memorable way.

Winter Holiday Sno Cone Ideas

This suggestion generally works best for indoor parties as it a little nippy in December & January for outdoors and ice (unless you live somewhere warm - which Illinois is not).  Use the shaved ice different colored syrups over it and call it winter snowballs youc an eat!  Take the ice out of the machine and stack into a cookie sheet or serving platter then stick in a  little skis or decorative snowmen to make it a winter wonderland you can eat right off of! ( you can get miniatures at the local hobby store).  Make sure the pieces are too big for human consumption.  Scoop the treat out into holiday or festive bowls or if  you are totalls savvy get glass or clear plates and serve chilled plates with edible snow!  You can vary this with a stein or mug for a slushee frozen treat.

Another version is to get a jello mold and fill it with ice cream in a holiday wreath shape or snowman shape.  Re-freeze the ice cream to make sure it is firm.  Then serve slices of the ice cream cover with ice crystals.  slushee ice/blue syrup mixed with sno cone ice - Hundreds of flavor combinations.

Sno Cone Link

Winter Holiday Popcorn Ideas

The simplest ideas are always the best.  The easiest popcorn ideas are simply additions.

Add in caramel corn for a sweet and salty treat.

Add in cranberries (dried like craisins) and chocolate chips/M n M's for a great edible versions of things you would sting on the tree.

Add in chocolate M n M's in holiday colors - can't miss with this

Make a munchie mix with peanuts/M n M's/ caramel corn & Popcorn.

Other fun with popcorn:

Order a colored glaze - pop ored and green popcorn for the holiday crown or blue and regular  etc.

Order a favorite flavor - pop caramel corn with our special coating

Popcorn Link

Winter Holiday Frozen Drink Machine Ideas

Work with us for a real winter frushee.  What fantastic fun you will have drawing out the favorite flavor combinations.  Make it a huge hit by serving you brew in frozen glasses.  Go crazy and top your drink with peppermint candy or lining the rims of the glasses with cinnamon sugar..  We recommend blue rasberry and strawberry for colors but you can go to green with a little bit of lime or throw some food coloring into your margarits flavor to make it green and strawberry for red.  These flavors are fun for the kids but can be made into "adult treats" as well by offering mixers on the side.  Ask us for  adult beverage recipie suggestions for your party.  Don't forget the glow swizzle sticks or glow cups in holiday festive colors.  A huge hit for a frozen treat.

Please note - any candies or treat should not be added into the frozen drink machine they should be waiting secretly inside the cup that you are serving in. 

Frozen Drink Machines Link

Winter Holiday Nachos

The simple idea for Holiday nachos is to just serve the cheese over red and green tortilla chips.  You can also use regular cheese and spice it up with red and green pepper confetti.

Nachos Link

Winter Holiday Funnel Cakes

Our pre made funnel cakes bring the sweets to you.  Nothing says mmm more than the sweet smell of funnel cakes.  Add some whipped cream to the top and some ice crem for a fun and funky holiday treat.  Use some red and green sprinkles or blue and white to liven things up even more. 

Funnel Cakes Link

Winter Holiday Cotton Candy

Add a sparkle to your cotton candy with bakers glitter.  You can buy this at most craft stores and it's a great edible delight.  Put your cotton candy in a bag and sprinkle a little glitter in for fairy floss or even sparkling snow. Don't want to make it yourself - buy it pre-bagged from us.

Cotton Candy Link

Winter Holiday Sandy Candy & Pucker Powder!

Pick you favorite flavors or colors to make this candy treat.  We think this is a sure fire hit for any party.  Make sure to have the sparkling sprinkles for the holdays.    Choose different container options to go with the Sandy Candy Flavors and you have an even more interesting and did we mention sweet treat for the kids. 

Candy Link

Winter Holiday Caramel Apple Sundeas/Waffle Dogs

There isn't much to do to a Caramel Apple Sundea to make it better than it already is.  But for the holidays try some cinnamon covered pecans or bbuts or even try some cinnamon chips or white chocolate chips.  However you can add in small touches like colored sprinkles as toppings.  The same goes for Waffle Dogs/ fundge puppies.  However with fudge puppies you can dip them in red/green/white/blue chocolate and make them a christmas or holiday winter treat.

Caramel Apples / 

 Fudge Puppies