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Santa By Satellite Show

Multi media entertainment!

Santa by Satellite Show

Announcing an Entertainment Breakthrough For Your Next "Santa Arrival" Event!!

 Are you looking for something new?
Need a change from that the tired old format??
Want to make it the "Event of the Year"???


Introducing a ONE-OF-A-KIND program that takes the whole audience all the way to Santa’s North Pole workshop!!! 

            Imagine if you could actually take your kids to visit Santa Claus in his home at the North Pole.  Get inside his famous workshop.  Talk to him while they’re watching him make toys.  Check out his sleigh.  They’d think that was pretty cool, huh?    

             Pretty cool, right? 

Well now, through the magic of technology, you’ll be able to take your kids on a simulated trip to Santa’s North Pole workshop.  And, that’s not the only magic they’ll see along the way …

 This Amazing New Multi-Media Show Will Absolutely “Knock Their Socks Off “!!!  Guaranteed.

 The show is hosted by magician Michael Kett.  It all begins when our “live satellite TV hookup” takes us to visit Santa in his snowy North Pole workshop.  We’re able to have an actual conversation with Santa in real time … HE EVEN TALKS DIRECTLY TO THE KIDS IN THE AUDIENCE! 

            After Santa’s reassurance that he’ll soon be harnessing up his reindeer and on his way to meet the kids at your party, it’s time for some MAGIC!  That means an entertaining show full of fun and amazement for all ages … perfect for the season!

 Magic and technology combine in an amazing multi-media presentation that’s unlike anything ever offered before!

That’s right … through the magic of technology, we’ll be checking-in with Santa to chart his progress as he makes his way to visit the children at YOUR Christmas party! 

  The thing is that, well, Santa’s arrival is not without difficulties

            The first problem he encounters is with his reindeer.  Some are sick, some are missing, Rudolph’s nose is frozen …!  But, hey - no problem.  With some magical help from the magician onstage, Santa’s sleigh becomes airborne without the reindeer.  He’s on his way! 

            The next time we check back with him, Santa’s caught in terrible snowstorm!  Then, he gets hopelessly lost when his map blows out of his hands!   

            There are other problems along the way, all of which are solved through some wonderful magic.  And for the sensational finale, Santa vanishes from the screen and appears onstage! 

Santa’s workshop … his snowy North Pole home … an airborne sleigh being buffeted about in a nasty snowstorm … these and other terrific special effects lend a “larger than life” quality to all of the TV sequences … and the live onstage magic performance is nothing short of outstanding!


             Ever had trouble getting kids to sit still for a half-hour show at Christmastime?  This show is your solution … they’ll be glued to their seats during the magic and watching intently to see Santa’s incredible journey from the North Pole in a way they can all relate to … on TV!!!   

Remember that the kids can’t wait to meet Santa.  When they see and hear him onscreen, talking directly to them about his impending arrival, they’re riveted.  Add the live magic show (every kid LOVES magic!) and you have a captivating experience they’ll be talking about for a long, long time.  The back-and-forth mix of the interactive TV Santa with the onstage performance keeps the kids involved and interested from start to finish. 


What about the specific details? 

All you need to supply are the kids (we even provide the Santa suit - you just supply the "Santa"). We provide everything else: the “satellite hook-up”, LCD projector, screen, backdrop, sound system, music, and a great 30-minute Christmas Magic Show!!         

Remember, the Christmas season is extremely busy.  Dates are extremely limited, and  all bookings are made first-come, first-served.  If you don’t want to miss out on the chance to bring this spectacular “Santa-by-Satellite” multi-media magic presentation to your Christmas party, you’ll take action and call or fax right away.