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Easter Goodies and Supplies

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8" Bunny Hop Plush

Easter Photo Prop

Easter Decor

Bunny Ear Clips

Egg Hunt Sign

paper smile face bunny notepads

Pack of 24

Smile Face Bunny Notepads. These pads are the perfect place to scribble your springtime sentiments! Your family and friends will know some “bunny” loves them when you write it on these 4" pastel-colored pages! Tuck one in a backpack or use one as a message pad. (2 dozen per unit) 35 pgs

plastic easter maze puzzles

pack of 72
Easter Maze Puzzles. These colorful plastic puzzles are “a-maze-ing!” Shaped like Easter eggs and bunnies, these 2" toys are perfect for filling baskets and goody bags. Have a race to see who can get through the maze first! Use these puzzling games as prizes! (6 dozen per unit)

plastic mini easter bubble bottles

Pack of 24
Mini Easter Bubble Bottles. Blow some bubbles at your next springtime celebration! In pretty pastel colors, these bubbles are perfect for Easter baskets, too! Includes 1-oz. plastic bottles of bubbles with wands. (2 dozen per unit) 2

plastic easter bunny stacking point crayons

Per  12
Plastic Easter Bunny Stacking Point Crayons. Each includes 5 assorted colors. Safe and non-toxic. 4 3/4" Conforms to ASTM D-4236

vinyl smile face bunny keychains

Per 72
Smile Face Bunny Key Chains. Great fun for Easter egg hunts, these vinyl bunnies will spread smiles, laughter and fun! Key chains come in blue, purple and pink. (6 dozen per unit) 1 1/4"

paper easter ruler slap bracelets

Per 12
Easter Ruler Slap Bracelets. With fun springtime designs, these bracelets double as rulers—slap one on! Tuck them in Easter baskets or goody bags for a fun surprise. (1 dozen per unit) Metal with a paper cover. 9 1/4"

vinyl easter porcupine character necklaces

Per 12
Easter Porcupine Character Necklaces. This prickly jewelry will be an Easter basket favorite! In pretty pastel bunny and chick shapes, each squishy 2 1/2" vinyl Easter animal comes on a matching 24" cord

cellophane carrot-shaped goody bags

Per 12
Carrot-Shaped Goody Bags. Create memorable party favors with these cellophane bags! Perfect for filling with jelly beans and other springtime goodies, these treat bags look like a bunny rabbit’s favorite veggie! (1 dozen per unit) 9 1/4"

plastic easter table cover

Easter Tablecloth. Add a festive touch to your Easter table with this plastic cover! Covered with colorfully decorated eggs, this tablecloth will fill you with springtime cheer!

cellophane easter egg goody bags

Per 12
Easter Egg Goody Bags. Fill these freshly-colored cellophane Easter egg goody bags with small toys and treats! Put alongside an Easter place setting or give them at a spring party. Also, makes a great treat for a teacher to hand out in class! (1 dozen per unit) 11"

plastic carrot candy containers

Per 12
Carrot Candy Containers. For a unique Easter twist, hide these 5 1/2" plastic carrots instead of eggs at your next hunt! Ideal for filling with candy and small toys, these orange vegetables are a favorite with bunny rabbits!

wooden bunny ring toss game

Bunny Ring Toss Game. Throw the rings to catch the rabbits! A fun activity for young kids at an Easter party or carnival! Each springtime set includes 4 adorable bunnies on an 18" wooden stand and 4 plastic pastel rings. Simple assembly required

plush honeycomb easter bunnies

Per 12
Plush Honeycomb Easter Bunnies. Perfect for a country-style Easter basket and very cute peeking out of goody bags, these adorable plush patchwork bunnies make cuddly little gifts anytime of year! 6 1/4"

wooden easter paddleball games

Per 12
Easter Paddleball Games. See how long you can last with one of these paddleball games. Bunnies, chicks and lambs adorn these fun Easter gifts. These 9" wooden games are a timeless favorite

vinyl multicolor egg-shaped porcupine balls

Per 36
Multicolor Egg-Shaped Porcupine Characters. These vinyl porcupine balls come in pretty pastel colors. Add these pretty eggs to Easter baskets or hide them for the Easter egg hunt! (3 dozen per unit) 1 1/2" (38mm)

glitter easter tattoos

Per 72
Glitter Easter Tattoos. Wear these shimmering tattoos on your hands, face or arms! With cute sheep, bunny rabbit and other springtime animal designs, these sparkly 1 1/2" tattoos are easy to apply and remove. Safe and non-toxic. (6 dozen per unit)

paper easter sticker assortment

100 Sheets
Easter Sticker Assortment. A variety of colorful and fun stickers to fill Easter baskets! Featuring bunnies, chicks, eggs and other festive designs, these springtime stickers will dress up any scrapbook, notebook or homemade greeting card! (100 sheets with approx. 1200 stickers per unit) 1/2" - 1 1/4" Assortment may vary

wooden easter pencil assortment

Per 144
Easter Pencil Assortment. These wooden pencils are the “write” stuff for Easter! Let kids share them with friends and classmates! They’re perfect for church groups! Pencils have #2 lead. (144 pcs. per unit) 7 1/2" - 11 1/2" Assortment may vary.

7 inch tricot bunnies in carrot pouches

Per 12
Plush Bunnies In Carrot Pouches. Out of the briar patch and into the carrot pouch! Each tricot bunny wears a pastel bow and is nestled in a vivid orange and green-leafed home! Color your child's Easter basket with these cute vegetables! 7"

prism easter stationary sets

Per 12
Prism Easter Stationery Sets. Fill Easter Baskets with these fun stationery items along with sweet treats! Each set includes a pencil, 1 sheet of twelve 3/4" - 1" stickers and a 3 1/4" notebook

paper easter stickers with wiggle eyes

Per 72
Easter Stickers With Wiggle Eyes. Watch their eyes wiggle! These Easter stickers feature a litter of smart dressed bunnies. Decorate notepads, scrapbooks or stationery with these 1 1/4" rascally stickers. (6 dozen per unit)

easter novelty mega assortment

250 Pieces
Mega Easter Novelty Assortment. Great for filling Easter baskets! (250 pcs. per unit) Assortment may vary.

plastic stationery-filled jumbo eggs

Per 24
Bright Stationery-Filled Jumbo Eggs. Filling Easter baskets is easy with these plastic eggs! Each comes pre-filled with an assorted stationery novelty. Let the hunt begin! (2 dozen eggs per unit) 3"

easter bunny lollipops

Per 46
Easter Bunny Lollipops. A sweet Easter candy for baskets or party favors! Each 1 1/2" lollipop is on a 3" stick. Assorted fruit flavors. Individually wrapped. (46 pcs. per unit; 1 lb.) Fat-free.

cardboard treasure chest easter toy assortment

Per 101 pieces

Easter Treasure Chest Toy Assortment. Need Easter goodies for a group? This 1-ft. cardboard treasure chest contains an assortment of Easter toys kids will love! Use them as rewards and prizes or simply as thoughtful Easter giveaways. Perfect for church and school Easter gifts. (101 pcs. per unit) Simple assembly required. Assortment may vary

cellophane carrot-shaped bags with jelly beans

Per 24

arrot-Shaped Bags With Jelly Beans. Bunnies love eating carrots and your little ones will love munching on the Easter candy in these carrot-shaped bags. You could also add these treat bags to Easter baskets. Each cellophane bag contains approx. 16 assorted flavor jelly beans. (2 dozen bags per unit) 4 1/2" Fat-free.

plush bunnies in plastic pastel eggs

Per 12
Plush Bunnies In Bright Easter Eggs. Watch a look of surprise come over your little ones’ faces when they discover the bunnies inside these eggs. Each 4" plastic egg contains a 3" plush bunny.

foam egg-shaped relaxable squeeze balls

Per 24
Egg-Shaped Relaxable Squeeze Balls. Use these foam squeeze balls for an egg hunt at home or the office! With pretty springtime prints, these 2 1/4" Easter eggs make squishy stress relievers, fun toys and colorful desk accessories. (2 dozen per unit)

vinyl mini easter character paratroopers

Per 48
Mini Easter Character Paratroopers. Classic paratrooper toys make great additions to Easter baskets or springtime goody bags. These 1 1/4" vinyl animals love to float to the ground! (4 dozen per unit)

plastic easter bunny bubble bottles

Per 24
Easter Bunny Bubble Bottles. Add these bubbly bunnies to Easter baskets for a hopping and popping good time! Each 1-oz. plastic bottle of bubbles comes with a wand. (2 dozen per unit) 3" ©

plastic easter eggs

Per 72
Bright Easter Eggs. Fill these plastic Easter eggs with treats and hide them in unexpected places for an Easter egg hunt! Kids will be excited to discover the sweet surprise in each new Easter egg that they find. (6 dozen eggs per unit) 2 3/8"

rubber easter return balls

Per 48
Rubber Easter Return Balls. Assorted colors. Slip the ring around your finger and watch as the ball returns. (1 dz./PBH, 4 PBH/unit) 1" (25mm)

foam mini easter egg missiles

Per 24
Mini Easter Egg Missiles. Launch these foam egg missiles without worry of rough landings! You'll make a hit with the kids by giving them as gifts. Put them in Easter baskets! (2 dozen per unit) 4 1/4"

woven polyplastic easter “bunny hop” potato sacks

rubber mini easter eraser mega assortment

Per 500
Mini Easter Eraser Assortment. Sprinkle these tiny erasers in Easter baskets for a colorful look! Shapes include carrots, eggs, bunnies, baskets and chicks. (500 pcs. per unit) 5/8" - 1" Assortment may vary.

candy-filled plastic printed eggs

37_380_650_24 candy-filled plastic printed eggs
Per 24
New and Improved for 2010! Candy-Filled Pastel Printed Eggs. Each plastic egg comes pre-filled with assorted individually wrapped candy. Hide them for the Easter egg hunt or put them in Easter baskets or goody bags! (2 dozen eggs per unit) 2 1/4" Candy and weight may vary.

easter egg-shaped swirl pops

Per 12
Easter Egg-Shaped Swirl Pops. Your little bunnies will hop with excitement over these egg-shaped suckers! Easter candy has never been cuter! Each 2" pop is on a 4" plastic stick. Assorted fruit flavors. Individually wrapped. (7 oz.) Fat-fre

vinyl easter bunnies

Per 48
Smiling Easter Bunnies. These 1 3/4" bunnies have egg-shaped tummies. Your little ones will be “hoppy” to receive one of these vinyl characters in their Easter basket. (4 dozen per unit)

easter die cut activity pad and crayon sets

Per 12
Mini Easter Die Cut Activity Pad & Crayon Sets. Put these mini activity sets into Easter baskets! Each set includes a 3" x 3 1/2" 10-pg. pad with assorted coloring pages, mazes, puzzles and games and a box of 4 assorted safe and non-toxic crayons. Great party favors! Conforms to ASTM D-4236.

plush chicks with egg-shaped swirl pop

Per 12
Plush Chicks With Egg-Shaped Swirl Pop. These adorable birds with tasty lollipops look great in an Easter basket! Easter candy has never been more fun! Each 4" chick holds a 2" sucker on a 4" plastic stick. Assorted fruit flavors. Individually wrapped. Fat-free

vinyl easter rubber duckys

Per 24
Easter Rubber Duckies. These vinyl rubber duckies are ready for spring! Use them to decorate an Easter cake, hide them for the Easter egg hunt or put them in Easter baskets with other toys and candy. 2" Duckies do not float upright

gummy carrots

Per lb.
Gummy Carrots. These gummy carrots are the perfect Easter Candy for your little bunnies! Orange flavor. Individually wrapped. (Approx. 51 pcs. per unit; 1 lb.) Fat-free.

plastic toy-filled eggs

Per 24
Toy-Filled Eggs. These filled eggs are perfect for Easter! Hide them for the Easter egg hunt or include them in Easter baskets or goody bags. Each plastic egg is pre-filled with one toy and one sticker. (2 dozen eggs per unit) 2 1/4”

egg-stream easter tattoos

Per 72
Egg-Stream Easter Tattoos. Wear these springtime tattoos on your hands, face or arms! Featuring colorful eggs and cute bunny rabbits, these lively 1 1/2" tattoos are easy to apply and remove. Safe and non-toxic. (6 dozen per unit)

egg-shaped sucker rings

Per 12
Egg-Shaped Sucker Rings. A sweet springtime treat, these strawberry-flavored lollipop rings come in a rainbow of Easter egg designs. Individually wrapped. Fat-free.