Table and Chair Packages

Choose how many you need seating for below and customize your order with options listed.  Don't see what you need?  Just call or e mail us a package request

I need seating for:   8  10  16  20  24  30  32  40  50  60  70  80  90 100

All of our chair packages are quoted with our black or charcoal party chairs but you can modify and choose different styles to complete your order!  Pictures may feature other styles but packages start with a traditional black chair and table and the options section allows for you to customize.

**!!**Standard delivery is to the driveway. if you need backyard or inside delivery please select that option.  If you would like set up or tear down on your tables and chairs that can be added also.

If you will be picking up. Please note many vehicles will not fit an 8' table in length. Please consider this when ordering. If you are not sure if your vehicle can accommodate 8' lengths you may want to consider a 6' table package. 

Don't want long tables be sure to choose the option to the right if you would like a 60" (5') round table. If you will be picking up We have a limited number of fold in half round tables which can fit into most SUV/van type vehicles but be advised not all vehicles can pick up a full sized round table. Please consider this when ordering. First come first served on fold in half tables.

We recommend  - Linens - Kwik Covers - Centerpieces

Seating for 8

Seating package 8

Seating for 10

Seating package 10

Seating for 16

Seating package 16

Seating for 20

Seating package 20

Seating for 24

Seating package 24

Seating for 30

Seating package 30

Seating for 32

Seating package 32

Seating for 40

Seating package 40

Seating for 50

Seating package 50

Seating for 60

Seating package 60

Seating for 70

Seating package 70

Seating for 80

Seating package 80

Seating for 90

Seating package 90

Seating for 100

Seating package 100