Super Savings - Oriental Trading Discount Club

A few times a year we get Super Savings and we pass them on to you!

Super Savings

A few times a year we get offers to save us even more!  These offers are particularly well suited for larger orders and we encourage groups with annual events to keep an eye out for them because it can mean some serious savings for your bigger order.   For your smaller ones too - see our group ordering offer.


Average savings on our Super Sales:

Every Super Sale we get has different terms and uses.  All of them rely on minimum orders.  Here is a sample of what we feel is an average savings on a Super Sale.  Since we individually price each order and get you the best cost each amount of savings is different per order.  one of the biggest reasons prices vary is that items such as paper goods and little goodies will get better markdowns than things like hats and costumes.  So the prices are averages and every order saves differently.

These are what we consider an average of your potential savings based on the most common Super Sales offers. 

 However as far as a crystal ball goes ~ we don't have one so here is what we know:

  1. We never know when the sales will pop up and what the minimums will be but we will tell you as soon as we do !
  2. Sometimes the sales will have higher or lower minimum orders ( anywhere from 250.00 - 1000.00)
  3.  If you have a smaller orders you are better to go with the Everyday Savings we offer or get in on a group order (see below)
  4. You cannot go wrong we will always save you as much money as we can!
 Full Price Order  FREE Shipping  Average % of Savings Total Savings   Average Final Cost
 750.00 Most Often  ~10%   ~ 675.00
 1000.00  Yes  ~15% ~ 250.00  ~850.00
 1500.00  Yes  ~15-18%  ~300.00  ~1200.00
 2000.00  Yes  ~17 - 20%  ~600.00  ~1400.00
3000.00  Yes  ~20 - 30%  ~900.00

~ 2100.00


Actual Super Sale examples:

  •  - school dance - 480.00 order picked up at our office for 320.00!
  •  - daddy daughter dance - 692.00 order picked up at out office for 525.00!
  •  - School fun fair - shipped to client 2436.00 order - sent to them for 1800.00!
  •  - School fun fair - shipped to them 1247.00 order - sent to them for 900.00!


One More way to SAVE on Smaller orders:

During a Super Sale we always group smaller order that can be picked up into a larger order.  So if we have 3 people ordering ahead but they only need a couple of items each we will put together a larger order and have it shipped to our office.  This allows us to qualify for the savings AND free shipping and pass them onto everyone.  If you are local to our office ( suburban Chicagoland) you can also take advantage of this group ordering process.  Generally we get up to 20% off and free shipping!  Not bad any day of the week.