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Linens & Kwik Covers

Linens & Kwik Covers

The pricing below is for Solid color choices on linens

Very Important - some colors listed are not availble in all sizes!

 Other styles & sizes are available. Please call for pricing and sizes on custom colors or sizes of linens.


90" Round Tablecovers

108" Round Tablecover

120" Round Tablecover

132" Round Tablecover

6' - 8' Banquet Tablecover

90 x 156" Tablecover

90"x156" Skirtless Banquet comes to floor without using skirting (fits 8' table) - Limited colors

14' Table Skirts

14" Skirt  - limited colors

7' Table Skirt

Chair Covers - Round

Chair Covers - Flat

Chair Covers for straight Backed Chairs - Limited colors

Chair Bows

Dinner Napkins

Dinner Napkin - some colors slightly less

Linen Delivery

All linens other than our in house linens have a delivery surcharge which is added by the company we order from.  Instead of increasing the linen cost we just make this a separate item.  If on your weekend linens we are ordering linens for more than one client your fee will be reduced. Fee waived if over 250.00 of linens are ordered.