What is the difference in tents?

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The fist type of tent which we carry is a frame style tent.  It is characterized by a freestanding frame that is self-supporting and the top is placed over the frame.  This tent has ropes to hold it in place and they are not necessarily for support. This is referred to as a frame tent.  We build the tent like a house with a roof made of beams that hold up the top. This is the style you need for over driveways and patios as well as on concrete or hard top. One other nice feature of our tent is the adjustable leg height if needed.  We do offer two styles adjustable and non so please request the adjustable if you are going over what could possibly be uneven terrain.


There second type is considered by us a canopy.  It has a top that has interior poles, perimeter poles and ropes that are needed to hold the structure in place. It is commonly referred to as a pole tent or canopy.  This is like a circus tent or a tent you would install yourself.  We do not have this style tent in stock but work with many vendors who do.  Please call us if you want to add one to your order.  However, we will not install these tents. 


We feel it is important for our customers to know the difference in styles when doing a cost comparison. Canopies are generally less expensive and many times require customer set up and tear down.  Check that your provider is including all the services you want when asking.