Menard & Mai Mai the Nerd(s)

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Only one nerd per order

Menard is not mean he's a nard - theup to date version of s uper coo nerd.  Ok so not so cool and more of a nerd.  His cohort in crime is Mai - mai and if you need a girl for a nerds job there is no one better than her for the call. The two snark it up when duty calls.  Don't forget your hankerchief beause one of these telegrams can leave you crying if the recipient is willing to sign for them,

Everyone loves a clumsy nerd and a funny one makes for even more laughs.  What everyone doesn't expect is the emergency nerd convergence kit.  We make sure to bring all of the trimmings to make your recipient into the nerd they really have always truly wanted to be.  Requires a fun loving crowd of people!