Winter Holiday Sno Cone Ideas

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This suggestion generally works best for indoor parties as it a little nippy in December & January for outdoors and ice (unless you live somewhere warm - which Illinois is not).  Use the shaved ice different colored syrups over it and call it winter snowballs youc an eat!  Take the ice out of the machine and stack into a cookie sheet or serving platter then stick in a  little skis or decorative snowmen to make it a winter wonderland you can eat right off of! ( you can get miniatures at the local hobby store).  Make sure the pieces are too big for human consumption.  Scoop the treat out into holiday or festive bowls or if  you are totalls savvy get glass or clear plates and serve chilled plates with edible snow!  You can vary this with a stein or mug for a slushee frozen treat.

Another version is to get a jello mold and fill it with ice cream in a holiday wreath shape or snowman shape.  Re-freeze the ice cream to make sure it is firm.  Then serve slices of the ice cream cover with ice crystals.  slushee ice/blue syrup mixed with sno cone ice - Hundreds of flavor combinations.

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