Winter Holiday Frozen Drink Machine Ideas

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Work with us for a real winter frushee.  What fantastic fun you will have drawing out the favorite flavor combinations.  Make it a huge hit by serving you brew in frozen glasses.  Go crazy and top your drink with peppermint candy or lining the rims of the glasses with cinnamon sugar..  We recommend blue rasberry and strawberry for colors but you can go to green with a little bit of lime or throw some food coloring into your margarits flavor to make it green and strawberry for red.  These flavors are fun for the kids but can be made into "adult treats" as well by offering mixers on the side.  Ask us for  adult beverage recipie suggestions for your party.  Don't forget the glow swizzle sticks or glow cups in holiday festive colors.  A huge hit for a frozen treat.

Please note - any candies or treat should not be added into the frozen drink machine they should be waiting secretly inside the cup that you are serving in. 

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