Important information on Tents

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Please read if you are renting a tent

Tents not reserved 6 -10 days in advance will almost always have to be weighted and not staked due to the turn around time involved in marking the property by JULIE. Only certain sizes can be weighted.  Water Barrels can only be used on certain size tents so please call if you have a short time frame.

If tables and chairs are ordered with tents set up is included on tent only tables and chairs are an additional fee per item and you can add that service through the linked page.

Linens are available -please call or see general linen section. Heating, dance floors and staging are under tent extras.

Tents should not be set up adjacent to homes.  Room should be left between the house and the tent.  If you require a set up closer than 10 feet from the side of your building please advise us and we will send you the appropriate liability waiver.