Bounce Responsibilities

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Renting a bounce - here is what we ask of you:

· You are responsible for supervising the children though supervisors can be hired through us for a hourly fee.

· You are responsible for providing a clean flat surface of 20 x 20 (some sizes vary) for set up of the unit.

· Please remove the "doodies"

· You are responsible for letting us know if you are not setting up on grass.  If you are on concrete or hardtop you’ll need sand bags ($50.00) and replacement tarps are a fee if tarp is damaged.

· You are responsible for providing electricity within 50 feet of the set up area or making generator arrangements ($85.00).  Extra long cords are available ($10.00). We must plug directly into an outlet NO extension cords unless they are ours.

· You are responsible for following and enforcing the rules and guidelines we set forth for safe operation and play inside the unit

· You are responsible for returning the unit in clean and orderly condition without damage or water.  Clean up fees are $35.00 per hour.  NO SILLY STRING.

· You must be available to take delivery during the time frame of your reservation up to 2 hours prior or after unless you have told us otherwise. This means you must be available to supervise unit for duration of it’s running time.  Please advise us if you have time restrictions for set up or tear down

· You must advise us of adverse set-up locations or circumstances (ie: at the bottom of a huge hill)

· If you have a late evening set up you must provide lighting for the bounce area so we can see to tear down a dark pick up is a $50.00 fee as is a cold pick up (under 50*)