Dumbo Bounce House

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Rental rate is based on an average of 6 hours for smaller units like regular bounce houses.. For larger units like combos and slides it's based on 4 hours. Actual rental length may vary based on pick up and delivery windows available.  This is a guideline for planning your rental. 

If unit is "picked up" the rental is for 24 hours (9am to 9am) - NOT all units can be picked up there is a limited selection to choose from and it sometimes varies.  NOthing larger than a bounce house can be picked up. Feel free to request a bounce and if available we will let you know.  By default we allow standard units to be picked up.

Normal deliveries are done between 9 am and 5pm but all deliveries and pick ups are schedule dependent. Early deliveries and late pick up fees MAY apply outside of these hours. For example: if you require an 8 pm pick up that is considered an after hours pick up.  However if your event is done at 4 and we come at 6 - that's just how the route worked out.  So it may work out you get your bounce at 9 am for a 1 pm party but there would be no extra fees to  you.  We may have to pick up later and the same would apply. 

Please keep in mind late night and overnight fees will always apply if renting after dark. 

If you do have a specific time limit or window then please advise. We can arrange for a 1 hour window for drop off or pick up.  That is a timed delivery and depending on the hours a fee may apply.  Please mention when ordering. Most commonly we see this when people are renting for a school or park district. 

Additional info:

~~Prior to arrival of installation crew, yard must be clear of obstacles and pet waste. Must have easy access to installation site to avoid additional fees (no lifting unit over hedges, etc…). Prior to pick up crew arriving, please blow-up inflatable so pick up crew can inspect unit.

~~Please turn off blower when not in use to prevent accidents or unwanted visitors. If keeping overnight and there is a chance of rain unit must be covered with provided tarp to prevent cleaning fees/ drying fees. 

~~At pick up, bounce/slide must be clean, dry and free of belongings. If dry inflatable unit returned dirty or wet, or water slide is dirty or water-logged/wet, there will be a cleaning/drying fee charged at $100 minimum.***

Please review these items for your reservation and see if you would like or need to add any of these additional items.


Please review these items for your reservation and see if you would like or need to add any of these additional items.

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