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Now I am really worried about rain.  How can I prevent losing my deposit?

Rain Waiver information -

We offer a rain/inclimate weather waiver for 10% of your rental cost.  You can add this at the time of your reservation or up to 2 weeks prior to your event.  The rain waiver must be included with your deposit.  This is valid on private parties an smaller events. You can not add the rain waiver under 14 days EXCEPT at time of reservation.  We will not take a rain waiver at time of reservation under 7 days prior.  It is not offered at that time.

How it works: at the time of booking you can purchase a waiver that allows (in the event of rain)  you to receive your deposit back.  Your cost is then only the 10% fee.  It will also allow you to reapply your deposit towards another date without additional fees.  The rain waiver is applicable to private parties only. Corporate events please contact your salesperson to determine your options. On larger events we have event insurance that will cover your event if needed.


Without the rain waiver if the weather is foul and we are unable to set up when we arrive you will lose your deposit in full. 

Keep reading though... you still have options!

With our company there are other rain options. On the day of for the same day you can apply your deposit to another form of entertainment like a character or a party host.  Or you can apply your deposit to or another piece of rental equipment like a popcorn machine or the indoor bounce.  There are no additional fees for you to do this.

We find it best to explain the necessity of the rain waiver in these simple terms.  If you would not use your money towards another item or entertainer on the same day and your only interest is a bounce or inflatable - take the rain waiver. If you are having your party anyway and would like something for the kids to do no matter what - then we will do our best to assist you in re-arranging things to accommodate your party.

Worst case scenario!

I didn't get a rain waiver - I didn't want to do something different that day... what happens with my deposi?  To be fair it's technically lost BUT we still have one more option for you if you are going to re-schedule within 1 year we will re-apply your deposit for the $35.00 rescheduling fee.  You can always use it on something different through the year as well.  So, it's more than the rain waiver but for our gamblers out there it's still a way to come out ahead.

IN short - i you would never have another party you could use the funds on or would do nothing other than that bounce that day - then get the rain waiver.  If you have kids and would do it another time or on something else we offer - then your worst case scenarion is a 35,00 fee.  So 10% up front lest you get your deposit back or 35.00 later.

As a reminder you can move or reschedule any time up to 14 days prior with no penalties. After 14 days and up to 7 days prior you can reschedule to a different date for a $35.00 fee. Under seven days prior you forfeit your deposit.