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What if I am not a private party?

For events where there is to be more than 50 people that are open to the public you are considered a larger party or public event.  In order to utilize the rain waiver we must purchase event insurance vs. just "re-arranging" our schedule to send another item out.  However, If you choose the option of having something different the same day we will re-apply your deposit towards what your "back up" is.  We will also allow you to get a rain waiver to cover the cost o re-scheduling to a different day if you have a rain date.  An example of this is a subdivision party that will have the same party the following week.  You rain waiver will then in effect hold two dates on our calnder.  However, it is not refundable and many times if it isn't a Saturday we can reschedule the same or similar equipment for the basic $35.00 fee.  If it is two prime Saturdays though we would encourage you to cnsider the rain waivr as an option so you do not lose your equipment. 


If you are a festival or corporate outing we suggest rain insurance or event insurance which can be purchased through our vendors and will generally cover losses in other categories as well such as food, location fees etc.  Please consult with a representative about your options.