Mileage Warning!!

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What’s up with Mileage? (a long explanation – or you can just call us!)

You do not have to calculate your own - we can do it for you but these guides are here if you would like to get an approximation

You may be wondering about the mileage warning.  This relates to a couple of things. We give 10 included miles on any party (20 round trip) from there any additional miles are billed at .75 cents per mile for travel and tolls (subject to change with gas pricing - under $3.50 at publishing).  We also bill $15.00 per hour per person in the vehicle per hour of driving (1 character = 2 people/ 2 characters = 3 people).  We give a 30 minute each way credit for the time traveled based on the show that is scheduled.


By charging seperately for travel and time it makes it worthwhile for the people to drive the distance/time to do any particular party.  In other words we are not going to take a 15 minute party 45 miles away – it just isn’t practical or cost effective for us or you.  HOWEVER sometimes we get 2 parties close to each other and we will adjust accordingly for both parties to save clients money. For exmple 2 partie in chicago will not get charged from our office location if they are the same day and fall withing 1 - 2 hours of each other then we will give the benefit of the mileage split between both parties.


To map yourself use the address: 25503 West Schultz rd, Plainfield IL 60585 (Mapquest).  For an accurate travel quote call or e mail anytime as we will be happy to provide it. 


Example:  30 miles / 45 minutes driving time

Totals: 60 miles/ 3 hours (2 people 45 minutes each way)

Your cost: 40 miles @.75 per mile $30.00 & 1 hour extra travel above 30 mins included on each person @ $15.00 = total travel $45.00