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Please choose a size for your tent.  Only fill in tent size 2 & 3 if you need more than one tent. To help you decide we have provided a chart below for how many can be seated by tent size.

Please review these items for your reservation and see if you would like or need to add any of these additional items or fill in the quick selections to the right and we will give you ideas based on your answers.  Feel free to tell us anything you would like in the notes section.

Tent extras (lighting, heating etc)

Tables    Chairs   Linens

Tables Chairs and linens each offer several options.  If you know you want round tables and green linens feel free to put that in the notes section.  You can also go to each category and choose your preferences.  By adding them to the quote basket it wil allow us to make sure you get an estimate customized with your particular choices. 


More information about: Damage Waivers

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More information about: Fire retardancy certificates