Bling Bar / Face Painting - 2 hours

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Bling Bar - we will bring up to 20 molded designs for your bling bar - Unicorn horns, glitter gems and designs, horns and monster add on's.  One of the most detailed forms of face/ paint and body art  Addition of gems and molded designs adds 2 - 3 minutes per participant on top of fantasy face painting time.

Also includes Fantasy Face Painting is what we consider the face painting where you do whole faces or partial faces.  This painting is done with makeup and requires a specially trained face painter.   So if you are looking for puppy dog faces, Mardi gras masks, full face butterflies this is the style face painting you should schedule.  We recommend 3 - 5 minutes per attendee for full face creations.  Please remember not everyone will want a large paint and we can accommodate them with something from the traditional face painting family.